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Avenging Angels


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{Blurb} I would have to grovel to this family as long as they don't fire me. I would continue to suck up to them until I achieve my ultimate goal.  The destruction of the Bladderworts.  I would hide behind a mask of kind smiles, innocent looks, and vulnerability. I would use that mask to destroy each and every one of you who took away my childhood from me.  Your end is coming soon, Bladderworts.  You better watch your back.  I smirked and took a sip from the coffee as I took in a breath of the morning breeze.  ********************************** The warm smiles that were spilled on their faces will serve like masquerade disguise as they'll shake up the whole Bladderwort family.  The peace that once reigned within those cruelty shrieking castle walls was going to be cut bit by bit. Only one mission _ drag them back on the ground by destroying them. The Thornes had every reason to harbor terrifying hatred for the Bladderwort. The three girls were going to go through hell back and forth to acquire justice even if it requires committing every kind of sly sin. The Thorne sisters were going to take, break, destroy every single thing the Bladderwort worked for,  Watch as they wear a mask and plaster thick fabricated smiles on their faces and step into the lion's den bravely. Revenge like you've never seen it before. #Edited by @Aysel_Inara


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