I never thought I made a harem by making a manga
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I never thought I made a harem by making a manga


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What is I never thought I made a harem by making a manga

I never thought I made a harem by making a manga is a popular web novel written by the author Nekomata_Shoji, covering HAREM, ROMANCE, COMEDY, DRAMA, MANGA, SHONEN, SLICE-OF-LIFE, Realistic Fiction genres. It's viewed by 59.1K readers with an average rating of 4.96/5 and 23 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 19 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


As a child, Kenji Yoshikawa did everything by himself and dropped it once he was bored. But his family is full of mystery, including his father a retired mangaka, now a designer. Kenji doesn't have any plans nor dreams for his future after studying, aiming to simply be a normal citizen instead. One day, he received a letter from the school director, his father's classmate, and met a girl Fumi alongside his childhood friend Yasuyuki Okamura proposing to rebuild the school's mangaka club. After finding out the reason behind his father's actions, he decided to pursue becoming a mangaka thus aiming to become the number one mangaka in Japan. After this, surprisingly he somehow managed to get into a harem due to his manga works.


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Thank you for all the reviews! I'm happy to hear from you. The story is still on going I hope you will read it until the end. There will be updates as well. See you soon! have friends that want to read something, recommend my novel.


Awesome end on chapter 12 for the first volume, and what a start for the first two chapters on the second volume. Looking forward to how the story progresses! Keep up the good work.


Oh my the journey of this story is a rollercoaster ride, indeed there are ups and downs in life you will cross, but only the weak will surrender. I love the will of the characters.


Awesome and funny story, yet also educational in a way where you will learn what its like to be a mangaka, i am looking forward for the character interactions and see if they'll be able to reach their dream.


Awesome story and introduction for the world of manga and the mangakas, I enjoyed the 8 chapters and learned a little, looking forward to see more.


Story progression is great and I love how it develops, I am looking forward to sse what happens with the characters, will they be able to achieve their dream or not.


I love the story and it is fun to read, I'm excited to see where will they go, reach their dreams, who will the MC choose as his love interest, HAHAHAHA looking forward for it.


I love the story, I love the idea! I am excited to see what happens with the characters will they achieve their dream? will they become pro mangaka's? who will the MC choose?


Awesome, there's a lot of changes that corrected the story now and it is more understandable, the story is building up and it is getting intense! I am looking forward to seeing how it goes


Interesting story and a good introduction to the world of mangas and mangakas. Entertaining character interactions. Looking forward to more.


Reveal spoiler


very nive, informative and entertaining character interactions very well written, not too mainstream and unique story telling. looking forward to the updates.


Whoa amazing story with very detailed and funny character interactions, I believe the author knows what he is writing. Looking forward to seeing the story progress.


Omg i never thought i would like this story😍 im not fan about anime but this one is i love it. Highly recomended to all. Keep it up. cheers!


Great Story. I think I’m gonna continue reading this


I am looking forward to the story and how will it end, like every other harem anime the MC need to choose one or surprise us by him rejecting them all. LOL


The words used was simple and easy to understand and I like it. The story has the anime vibe already. I've read that there was an "anime" that was mentioned and it was my top 10 good anime. Nice, author. Keep writing.


Grand and entertaining story, yet also informative in a way where you will learn what it's like to be a mangaka, I am seeing ahead to the character cooperation and see if they'll be able to arrive at their aspiration.


hello, neko-kun. Your grasp of the english and the grammar is good. I enjoyed reading it. The way you describe the character and the background setting is straightforward that I can imagine I am watching an anime when I read it. Tbh, I wanted to keep reading because it was interesting and I was curious but sadly, I still have to write. Nice, you a good writer, too. ❤ I will have a message for you that doesn't makes sense. "The morning glory which blooms for a day, differs not at heart from the giant pine that lives for a thousand years." I admire your determination to make this an anime adaptation. Please keep it up. I know you can do it. ❤


I don't have any experience with reading a harem but I think this will give me that one try! Well, the title speaks for itself! And anime feels is all over it! Boom boom!


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