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Author's Reincarnation in a Fantasy Setting


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What does it feel like to find yourself inside the novel of an author you hated? How will you survive in a world that's filled with cliché? Well, something similar happened here. Once there was an unpopular fantasy novel author. However, for certain reasons, he died a pathetic death. Later he found out that the world he reincarnated in was the same as the novel of an author he hated the most. The only person he never wanted to talk to again…he was reincarnated inside that very person’s novel. This is his story! The story of the man who was known by the name “Zero” in his second life. The story of how he survived without plot armor in a world filled with cliché situations, only in the favor of the MC of that novel. This is, the Author’s Reincarnation in a Fantasy Setting!! ---------------------------- The cover image is not mine and I can remove it if the original owner wants. A/N - The mc is the anti-hero type and the reasons for why he is like that and what happened in his past will be revealed as you move forward in the story. UPDATE SCHEDULE - 2 CHAPTER/DAY