Ascension of the Nephilim
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Ascension of the Nephilim


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What is Ascension of the Nephilim

Ascension of the Nephilim is a popular web novel written by the author Rapture_Tales, covering REINCARNATION, ACTION, ADVENTURE, ROMANCE, SYSTEM, COMEDY, GAMEELEMENTS, TRANSMIGRATION, NEWLIFE, ORIGINAL, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 972.4K readers with an average rating of 4.54/5 and 21 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 115 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Kyros Steele was the strongest warrior in the Omega Kingdom. But when the Great War of All began, this kingdom fell. Kyros was captured. Destined to become a slave through necromancy, Kyros could only curse at his led bitter life. But on his final moments, he meets an eccentric Old Man who claimed to be the God of Time. Much like Kyros, this Old Man was fated for suffering and defeat. Because the God of Time could not be killed, the Great Gods conspired to curse him and make him human first. And so the God of Time escaped but was now human. Even if he used his powerful magic to send his consciousness back in time, he would still be defeated, for his soul was no longer a god but a man. Helpless as his time-traveling rebirth would easily fail, the God of Time offers and asks for Kyros's help. He would send Kyros back along with his own consciousness back in time. This would hide the God of Time from his enemies and give Kyros the chance to fulfill his revenge. Just when the two were about to time travel, a shocking mystery caused the God of Time to marvel in awe. Kyros was not a human but had the bloodline of the most accursed and dangerous race of all. Kyros is the legendary Nephilim. And so begins the Ascension of the Nephilim.

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As the author, I'll leave the first review ever. I think it's awesome. I like it. Really, I do. I am having fun writing this and I enjoy and laugh as I write it. I like my own work. I now that sounds narcissistic but it is what it is. Anyway, I only placed this review to help me get the necessary 10 reviews so that it will display stuff. As for what I can say about this story: It won't be a generic MC 'fighting' his way and overcoming his enemies through sudden power-ups and cliché things. The story and journey itself would be unique. it won't be an MC traveling from one place to another, finding trouble, and beating baddies. It'll be complicated. It'll be weird. Since I'm weird.


The writing allows for great understanding, so I am honest when I say this story is mediocre. There is slow meaningless development; it took four chapters for the introduction to end. The God Of Time’s sole purpose is to add tons of useless info. Sending them back in time and gasping at how fantastic our main character is, is the only nice thing he does. What might you look forward to when reading? A system. Boring dialogues that may last entire chapters. An eternally sealed protagonist. What I dislike The seal is a major part of the story. But the author doesn’t care about it. There is no information on it and no action against it. The seal is simply there, and the main character is weak.


I enjoy this book Mc is very powerful but isn't op so he still grows stronger without having to run from everything because he is weak which is something I enjoy


Honestly, I love this book. I only recently started it but I love the author’a sense of humor, the premise is good and the grammar is good. An absolutely phenomenal read so far, I’m looking forward to where this book goes!


The rise of the progenitors of the aryan race! LETS GO BOYS!!!!


I liked the author for ng+ but Nostalgic gamer made me a fan. So helping out here! The story is feels like nostalgic gamer but without games and sounds as complicated as ng+. But this one is funnier. Honeslty. With what i read so far, it deserves a 5 star. Good luck author!


no character development or actual character details of anyone that is not the MC. I can't help but skim and give up on the story because the characters don't make any sense.


Bro this is good sh*t,the humor and the way you use fate is perfect. Breaking the 4th wall is good and all but too much of it will ruin this, it will push away the other potential readers who cant relate to your joke. The way you use fate to challenge the wits of mc is perfect instead of using it as a GOD TIER PLOT ARMOR I hope he will have an army of beast and werebeast like werebear and lycanthrope,humans who can transform,im talking about killing bites vibe. and if your going to build an army of dead it could be elite army of skeletons like overlord kind elite,you have a underground temple so it should have a floor masters. I support this kind of filipino authors. Good luck with your novel bruhh.


I find the story very appealing, and pulled my interest from the beginning. I like the fighting against fate and destiny aspect brings another level to it


Está bien elaborado pero no es mi tasa de te, el mc tiene un pasado indescifrable,está en un camino de venganza, es débil, tiene restricciones sellos en su cuerpo que le impiden ser más fuerte, va a un ritmo de paso de tortuga


This is a good read, and is quite interesting. Unique powes and set up. But I do have a few gripes. The arc of killing the lizards in the fate trial took over 10 chapters which just felt like it dragged on and on. Next, stories that place a huge emphasis on “fate” can vary widely. The issue I have with this one, is that no matter what the MC does, it wont matter because it was “expected” and not something special he did. And my final issue, the thing about the alpha and the omega, is setting huge goals for the future, especially when the dude is still so low leveled. It kills a lot of the anticiaption and expectation.


This novel is great. There is a lot of newbie writing quality in the start, but it gets better and better until you suddenly gain the writing skills of Er Gen. (the guy who wrote A Will Eternal and ISSTH.) The writing stability is good, but you took 2 months to write 60 chapters. BRO! I know you can do better than that! The development of the story is actually well planned out, instead of the "so there is a guy named bob and he rules the universe" type of bs. You designed some of the first characters like arrogant young masters, but it got better for the most part. The world background, I don't even have to talk about it. 5 out of 5 stars, definitely one of the best community-made novels I have ever read.


And here I was voting powerstones to your other work. Was stockpiling chapters in ng+ so I didn't know you joined the contest. will give this a read soon. for now, leaving 5stars. good luck and God bless author-san!


all love for the hard work at three novel at the same time. support. support support support support support support support support support


super interesting. started following this author for his other novel but this one is also really good. interesting spin on the typical reincarnation storyline


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Im going to be honest here and say that im only reviewing so this can get more light. I enjoy this novel very much and would like it to have more readers to motivate the author to write more chapters. Ill say this now that this novel may be difficult to follow for some while others find it entertaining and such. I dont know what else to say except to read at least till chapter 20. good day to you.




a love story at the start? i'm in. hehehehe. funny plot line with a unique sorta system. but i can't wait to see what happens between Mechiel and Kyros!


i'm here to support. love NG+ so this is a review made cuz i love NG+. This book has a lot of funny moments now. Author gave a reason on how he can break the fourth wall in the story so he can just troll us. Good luck Rapture!


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