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What is Abuse of Magic

Abuse of Magic is a popular web novel written by the author Sdrawkcab, covering SYSTEM, ADVENTURE, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 4M readers with an average rating of 4.61/5 and 174 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 241 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


**COMPLETED** (JOSEPH IS ALMOST SEVEN! IT’S TIME TO INITIATE ‘HIDDEN SUBROUTINE’.) William woke confused. Why would the system say something like that? He already intended to give his son the system… In a world filled with corruption and death, a small boy is about to acquire a gift for this important birthday, that will change the entire world. He will have to persevere through many trials that will change the fate of the entire realm. Protected from the evils of the world, by the success of his father, Joseph has no idea what he is getting into, but the only way to overcome the trials he will face, is through the abuse of magic! With the aid of a young girl, that he meets shortly after receiving the system, Joseph learns how horrible the world outside of his protected bubble actually is, and forms a lifelong bond with her, that nothing will ever break. Through the abuse of magic, they will have to overcome demons and gods, in their quest for Joseph to become the Mage King! Note: This original story will have daily updates, of a chapter a day. This is not a standard system story where only the mc has the system. There is no harem. My discord: Sdrawkcab#4615 My email: sdrawkcabauthorwriter@gmail.com My patre*n: Sdrawkcab


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The story is about a boy who receives a system from his father on his 7th birthday. The system is not as OP as the norm is, which under normal circumstances would have been a turn off for me, however, the author has done a splendid job of keeping the system real. The system prompts and levelling up is not as easy as the norm is. The unique thing about this system is that it's introduction and explanation is much much more systematic than many other novels. In fact at one point the system appreciates the MC who is not using the system to form mindless harems like it's previous hosts. Also characters are deep. The female lead's background story is really deep. Also the relationship between MC and heroine is really beautiful. The MC and heroine care for each other a lot, but have a relationship which is befitting more of best friends. The writing is beautiful and of the highest quality. Overall it's a beautiful read. The story is very well written and powers are explained amazingly. I recommend this novel if you are searching for a good and long time read.


After catching up to the latest chapter (98), this novel leaves me confused. Not the content itself, but the fact that hardly anyone has read this work of art. It has the typical cliches we all love, but the author puts his own spin on it. This novel contains: Transmigration, second chance, Magic, system, kingdom building, and with one love interest. If I was also to depict this novel in one word, it would be “Warm” as it is adorable and based on having/forming strong relationships. I would recommend reading at least a few chapters to see if it fits your taste. However, dare I say, the novel only gets better the further you read.


My new review as of chapter 93. Love both Joseph the MC and Stella the FL. In-universe Joseph has proclaimed there will be no harem and not even a full year has past since the story started so Joseph is still 7. The magic system is very well-defined and the Joseph has taken a while to accumulate his power to this point meaning the story for many will have a slow start. He has been given a system by his father but the author isn't abusing it to make him overpowered. He is still working for his goal on his own. His system even remarked that it appreciated someone not trying to make a harem after being given the system. The system does have some occasional smack talk and isn't used as a crutch for filling plot holes. This is my favorite original novel on this site so far. The story has been incredibly consistent so even if it's not believable with elements like magic and a system the story itself is written well so you can believe the people in it would respond the way they do. Also even though he gets memories of previous lives, Joseph maintains his self unlike a lot of other stories where the person in the story is replaced by his former lives. He even struggles with accepting all of the past lives information and mental traumas for some chapters in order to stay himself on purpose.


Abuse of Magic Dropped @ chapter 100. Where to start? “In a world where the System is a secret” Joseph, who is seven years old, is told about the System by his father William. William used the System to become a wealthy Merchant and all around good guy. Joseph after being told about the System (7 yrs old) wishes for the System to make him the most powerful mage in existence. WHAT??? Please don’t get me wrong, because I can’t do what the author can do. I suck at writing, however I absolutely excel at reading. As a grandfather of an eight year old boy. I could never imaging subjecting him to the horror of giving him his own System (Genie). Joseph then gives the System to a slave girl (owned by William) he just met, because why??? I personally could not enjoy this story as it made me question the logic and flow of this world. The actions of its character and their accomplishments only served to make my eyes roll. I sincerely hope the Author continues to write and hone his or her skills. I look forward to reading a story I can enjoy in the future. I can recognize this author has talent and wish Him/Her luck.


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I like the novel, my biggest complain is the MC age, i just hope he grow up fast. Its pretty annoying to read about a 7 years old child doing politics economics, etc.. I know he has a sytem and his knowlege from his past lives but still i dont like the hole idea of a kid manipulating/leading adults, is silly.


It's a pretty decent novel about a system and reincarnation tropes done well. Story is a little on the slow side but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. The main character is a 7 yr old kid so far and I'm sure we'll eventually get a time skip where everyone will be aged up a bit. Novels with kids as MC can have both cons and pros in general and not much else to say regarding that. Over all the character/world building is good with hints of what's to come. Grammar is good and no complaints as such. I would recommend this novel to anyone whose into magic, system, fantasy, reincarnation genres. Few ***** themes come up but it's not torture porrn or smut but relevant to plot and done tastefully. Definitely deserves more readers and above average in quality and enjoyment factor.


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Disappointed at ch27 when he gave the system to a slave girl and then couple chapter later also becomes more capable than mc. I really liked how the mc was training and becoming more capable but then only to be overshadowed by someone who just recieved it. It made his progress quite meaningless in my eyes.


This is a book that keeps making me almost stop reading then drawing me back in until the next thing that makes me want to stop reading. Very early we are introduced to happy slaves who are just so happy to be slaves... yea almost dropped it right there but thought I would give it a bit more time as it was so early in the book. The magic system was interesting and I started to like the characters. Then comes the child rape. Like 3 different times in not many chapters. Once was jarring, three times was when I should have stopped. Especially as it changed at least one of the characters so much that they are now fairly unlikeable. But I enjoyed the magic system and wanted to see what would happen with it if nothing else. Maybe this was just a one off dark beginning set up that would never come again? Then comes the stupidest king to ever live. Okay sure, I thought, he is a puppet of the real people in charge of the kingdom. Oh wait no, a few chapters later we learn that he is actually smart and in charge. Really? So smart that he signs the dumbest and most lopsided contract I have ever seen? Would you trust a complete stranger you have never met before and sign a life or death contract with them without even reading said contract? Now I am left bored to tears by all the politics and magic is so far from the story I don't even know when it is coming back. I am done. It is a good premise and the world seems like it could be fun but the author REALLY needs to work on being more stable. There are too many changes to the kind of story being told, the tone, and so on.


One of the best system novels on the site, the MC though OP has a system and world that doesn't have all the answers which makes this a better work of world building which seems to so far to actually hold together


It is just a fantastic story. If you are like me and annoyed by all of the harem fantasy stories out there where the mc just gets all the women you will be delighted to heat that this story contains an awesome romance with just two people. The world has a solid feeling to it and especially the magic system is awesome and innovative really bringing magic to life. There is a point at which the mc is overpowered but all the time he is hardworking and it always feels like he earns the successes he has. It only really focuses on a few characters but really gives them a lot of room to improve a lot of quirks to work on and provides the reader with a very satisfied feeling when he notices how the characters have grown over the journey. Some things change and some just don't. Overall I am astonished by how few people online know about this gem of a story and I really enjoyed reading it. And I did read quite a lot of webnovel and fantasy novels in general. If you aren't convinced already I can just highly encourage you to give this story a try as it left me laughing at times and sometimes on the edge of my seat feverishly looking forward to the solution of a problem the characters encountered.


I'm enjoying read this novel, the character are great, fleshed out, and not to forget the mc age so he and her companion have fun moments, I'm enjoying that.... Actually, i wanna drop this novel when stella got sys*** from mc, but I'm glad to continue read and finally have another favourite support character..... Keep up the good work author san, and please make more interesting chapter... I'll try to read another of your novels later


So far (chapter 11) this seems to be a system novel. It's not quite reincarnation as he gets memories of his past lives but not their personalities. It's nice that he doesn't immediately try and make mayonaise or insist slavery is evil and should be abolished. His dad is a slave merchant and also has the system but uses it in an entirely different way. The way magic is explained to work so far has been interesting. The author seems to have put some thought into it. It reads more like a fantasy slice of life at the moment but the MC is currently 7 so expecting serious battles from a kid is a bit much. I'm looking forward to where this ends up.


Absolutely wonderful book. I enjoyed it so much. This really deserves to be in the top hundred. I don’t know how it hasn’t managed to go further. I would bet it might have something to do with them not wanting to promote a non-premier book.


Just finish it. And I love it. I would like it to continue or have a sequel. I recommand this story, It's original and once you start you cannot stop reading. I am planning to buy this story when it is publish. Thank you for a great story and please a sequel.


This story is amazing. The system is not overpowered and the characters are all really cool. The main character and the Female lead have a very intertwined past and it is very cool learning about it throughout the story while they both continue to get stronger. I am honestly just glad that the main character isn't completely overpowered and isn't making a harem. definitely would suggest reading if you like stories with a system, magic, and fighting, along with a little kid outwitting adults all day every day.


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This story is about a boy who gets a system and travels on a road to eventually as the title suggests abuses Magic. I did not like how the MC and his love interest got introduced so early in the story about the author made a Believer out of me. This is one of the best stories on webnovel give it a shot and you'll love it.


A very fast and big bulldozer crushing my feeling of reading low or middle grade novel with bad writing in the original section ( Although there is quite a lot in the translation too). I'm addicted to reading and Sdrawkcab, let me tell you that you make me high :-D


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