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I’m betting that Artemis gave MC her blessing for saving Atalanta. That’s why he feels safe in the forest.


Hmmm. What about adding more dialogue? It would make readers understand a few more thing about both mc and Atalanta and current situation.


Thanks for the chapter but I hope you make your mc accepts his situation that strong eat the weak instead of clinging to modern values from his time. It will only tie him down and make him weak cuz if he’s going to be a heroic spirit he needs to be up there with likes of Achilles and hector etc.


He should have the ability to fly that was bassically his legend


Ill give you my last power stone if he stays a person who does what is right because he believes it’s is right even if that means putting his life on the line because that is what a true hero is not those idiots who believe that because they have power they can play god you know judging killing and saving in their own opinion which would just turns to them losing power and running a ways like cowards because they did everything for their egos and not turn into a sociopath who can’t understand what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong and doing the wrong thing for the right reason is still doing the wrong fucking thing and I hope he does gain some of the ancient civilisations understanding of heroism because modern society is jaded people can watch people being killed without blinking people can watch people being robbed without doing a thing maybe even video it and laugh later people can watch other people bully weak people beat them and put it on YouTube for lols in any case most people in ancient societies had a greater sense of morality in some things and openness especially in Athens or Thebes but that’s not to say there were no lawless people it’s just that the fear of Gods was far more prevalent and thief’s had their own code plus those centaurs would definitely be killed by the followers of Artemis as they where about to violate two of her domains raping a child in her forest that’s chastity and children she protects and doing it in a forest these guys must be extremely stupid anyone remember what Apollo did to the guy who just tried to date a girl who worked in his shrine anyway I hope he finds a patron God like Odysseus did or Achilles or Heracles or Perseus as a matter of fact every-Greek hero apart from Jason? I’m not sure about him I still wonder if Aries ever had a champion many stories say he blessed the Amazons some say he blessed Agamemnon jury is still out honestly hmm I herd he blessed the 300 led by Leonidas I can believe the last one but their aren’t many stories of him coming to meet them like zeus with herc or the guidance Athena is known for giving Odysseus or the gifts given by Hephaestus to Achilles and his mother who spoilt him and so on tbh their are only three gods I’d like to get a blessing from Athena, Apollo and Hephaestus as much as I’d love Aphrodite and Heras blessings that could end really badly and Zeus only cares for his children or grandchildren


very good, will the pair be Atlanta?


I don’t care much. i just want Medea and Medusa in his harem please.


more chapters and a higher word count please


Nice, just add more dialogue and some longer chapters and it will be perfect !


Mr. Author I need to know if your planning to get Medusa and the MC together, Please!


With this single rescue , Icarus started his legend of a true hero and not a guy with hero complex . A hero isn't one who proclaims himself an hero and goes saving the world(shirou), it's the one whose actions give the motivation to the people to become heroes along with him. If my philosophy is wrong , correct it.


Icaro x atalanta?


i wonder if he will still be an inventor or something?


while he decided not to throw all his explosive to the centaur he still did blow it up near a scared and small child. it would have been better if you made the centaur jump back in surprise after the first explosion giving some distance from atlanta before blowing them up


Huh, I always feel strange about modern values... I know that I will kill a person if I know it will help (In this situation ok? Not in RL, I'd hate to be jailed)- though I will admit that I would probably puke later because I have developed a phobia to blood. Though there are times that I seem to be too empathic to others... it's kind of disconcerting like I have two thought processes.




I like this novel, I just hope mc becomes righteous and not neutral.




El personaje necesita pensamientos internos De momento que encontro a la chica no dijo su identidad ni nada Pero ahora aparece directamente como atalante


Thanks for the chapter!! This story has potential!!