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I’m Too Busy Living the Rich Life the Villainess Wasted

I’m Too Busy Living the Rich Life the Villainess Wasted

I am Wu Yunso. Or I used to be. When I was 18 years old, I transmigrated to the Rich Villainess' 5 year old body. I was doomed to die in this novel by the hands of the Male Lead. With the knowledge of what happens, I will turn my twisted future. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Everyone started introducing themselves until it got to me. ''My name is Felicia Demm, nice to meet all of you. I hope we get along until we graduate.'' I said with a smile and returned to my seat. All boys were blushing at my politeness and smile. Except them. ''My name is Erick Masaya. I look forward to knowing everyone.'' ''My name is Damian Eudokia. I wish to get well with everyone.'' Now, every girl blushed at their appearances and started whispering in excitement. Not me, though. Contrary to them, I was scared of both of them. They were the reason of my demise. I was to avoid them and not make them angry. Note- This is inspired by Kenkyo, Kenjitsu o Motto ni Ikite Orimasu. I recommend reading this. There will be some similarities (hint hint: Erick's last name is the male lead's first name.) Of course, it will not be as good as kenkyo, but I wanted to make my own after discovering the 2 year on going hiatus. Also, it does not have a cover, I will try to make one later. I will update the first chapters I have and decide if I keep updating. Please feel free to give advise, suggestions, etc. Thanks.

Meowingtons · Contemporary Romance
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