Reincarnated to Bonk in Another World Book

novel - Fantasy

Reincarnated to Bonk in Another World


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Bonk is justice! No Horny! Having been tormented by the loneliness of his life, Albert chose to escape by indulging himself in sexual desire. Unfortunately, his life came short. STD, AIDS, Syphilis, he was inflicted by severe diseases and died in regret. Now he has grasped a second chance and reincarnated in another world as a Demon Dog. With the help of his golden wooden bat, he traveled to prevent anyone from dying due to the same diseases. Horny People? Slay! Seduction? Bonk! Trying for the first time? Horny Jail! Bonk is justice! And I shall serve justice! -------- Other Works: 1. God of Tricksters 2. Gacha Sovereign (Completed) 3. The Magician of Sound (Completed) -------- Discord: https://discord.gg/HYvMbb4