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Tyrant Emperor's Calamity Girl

Tyrant Emperor's Calamity Girl

He was a tyrannical emperor, who ran his empire according to his own. He was so ruthless and rude that no one dared to confront him. No king or kingdom had the courage to stand against him. His tyranny and barbarity increased, even more, when he came to know of a prophecy. 'A girl who will be born during the lunar eclipse. The way an eclipse occurs to the moon she will also come as an eclipse for him and she caused the destruction of him and his empire.' In any circumstance, he has to kill that girl. He must prevent the prophecy from coming true. ***** Not:- The book cover is not done by me, it's credit goes to the original artist. ***** Join me on discord:- https://discord.gg/rJ7fhp You can easily find me on discord by this :- The_Queen_Su#5875

The_Queen_Su · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings