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The Magicians: Quest of The Moon Goddess

The Magicians: Quest of The Moon Goddess

*The works that are The Magicians, Supernatural and Shadowhunters etc. do not belong to me* *This is my first fanfiction I've written in years and I know there are and will be some grammar mistakes I promise I'll correct those soon. Please be patient with me.* Dahlia was powerful more powerful than anything anyone encountered in awhile, but what happens when after hundreds of years she forgets how old and how very powerful she truly is? She goes to Brakebills University hoping Dean Fogg and The Library will help her remember. In the meantime she will befriend Quentin and his friends and teach them all kind of different magic from the all the different realms and realities shes been too since losing her memories. Is she destined to remained lost? Or is she destined to find her way and become someone great?

LaraeLeach1018 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings