The Beauty And The Wolf Book

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The Beauty And The Wolf


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Cursed by a witch, the wolf was imprisoned in the cave for many years, waiting for that someone who can free him from the curse. One day, he took matters into his hands and deceived a beautiful maiden. The maiden was trapped in the cave along with the handsome Wolf. Both desperate to leave, but the freedom can only be obtain by one person, the one left behind has to suffer. The wolf claimed that going intimate with him is the only way to escape the cave. The beauty refused to give in to the wolf's advances. But for how long she can hold her ground? When precious freedom is at stake... A sacrifice is needed. ~~~ Stunned, Sabrina saw a handsome guy standing at the entrance of the cave. She was expecting a hideous looking monster, but not a good looking Adonis. "Come here, little girl..." the guy said. Sabrina shook her head, refusing his order. "No, I can't! My grandma prohibited me from entering this cave!" The guy sighed. Suddenly, Sabrina saw blood dripping from his hands and he fell into the ground twitching in pain, he looked at her, his eyes pleading for help. "Please, help me!" he begged and fainted. Sabrina rushed to his side. And the story begins... ~~~ The cover is mine, made by Mics Artemia. ~~~~~~~~0~~~~~~~~~ ~My Other Novels~ * Hot Romance With The Vampire~ Ongoing *The Vampire's Love: You Are My Destiny ~ Completed *The Tale Of Three Sisters : Completed *The Last Embrace : Completed *The CEO's Painted Skin : Completed *Sweet Surrender : The CEO's Second Wife ~ Completed *Hidden Husband: Beloved Wife ~ Completed


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