The Voyage in the Blizzard Book

novel - Fantasy

The Voyage in the Blizzard

Leon Kingraph

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First thing you should know before reading this novel. It is BL story. Here, you will find a romance between two male leads. If you are okay with that, keep reading. This story takes place in a cold world which has nothing but a curse and a strong blizzard. Here, on Frosty Mountain Peaks, live only warriors. Their goals are to stay alive as long as possible and protect their lands from the furious beasts. For many centuries, warriors were the only inhabitants of this world. Until one day, the day when the warrior named Longwei creates someone who can change this world and destroy the curse. But before Longwei can fulfill his plans, he must go through a lot of dangers. And also, he is going to find his soulmate in spite of the fact that here, among warriors, to love someone is not permitted. This is the story of suffering, happiness and how it is like to dream and stay alive in the middle of the endless war.