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Terra is just a girl who dream to have a peaceful life.. She's still a child when her mother died, Her father marry another woman after her mother. At first, her stepmother is treating her well, not until someone came. Her father redjected her because of a very small reason. She met a guy who will help her. One thing she don't know, there is a Fate waiting for her.

Not enough ratings

The Unwilling Heir

Micheal, a young genius and heir to the Coltus family. Follow this rebellious boy who strives to lead a normal life and escape his planned future of leading the Coltus family business. A path of friendship betrayal and bittersweet moments. Political and family issues arise throughout and he proves his young mind time and time again, only to be trapped back inside and still stuck as the heir. He succeeds in negotiations with his parents with a compromise, they will get off his back but he has to go to a school of their choice. Making new friends and experiencing life as a scholarship student . He plans to keep trying to lead a life without the chains of the family name. Will he succeed and escape his fate? Or will he succumb to the noble name of Coltus. From his childhood he matured through the story. He realises his impossible and naive goal that he set. He goes out into the harsh world and searches for something to do with his useless life that will prolong his inevitable destiny. Something lurks within, and a prophecy foretells a new era, or an old. One that this journey of our maturing genius leads to................................................................ Hello people of the world, my name is Michael. Michael Malligane Coltus. And in this book you will be reading about the mess of things that is called my life, well the mess gets even more tangled and guess what! You’ll be reading about my mental pains about having such a terrible fate. And that fate is *drumroll* being the heir to one of the top three business names in the world. Might sound nice but trust me it’s a horrible life. First you have f*cked up parents and next you have to train for your whole life and finally you can’t have a normal life! Of course there are all the other things but those are the big three. It’s one hell of a life I have and then add all the make believe stuff in and there you have one messed up life. And it’s my life. The life of the unwilling heir. Sigh ........ Note from the author: I start with quite a slow plot and as the book goes on it overlaps into different genres. This book is also written by a complete beginner but I am trying my best and I hope you enjoy it! -Silver

idontexist · Fantasy
Not enough ratings