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Demon Queen Adventure

A powerful and strongest demon queen find herself bored with evil vs good rivalry in her world. Despite being appointed as the heiress of demon lord, she find it pointless to take a revenge to human nowadays. Indulge to anime, manga, etc then made her addicted and trying to go to another world. She fascinated and excited, trying to have fun and find someone she love or her dear waifus. Second novel and fanfic. I will update Demon Queen Adventure whenever I want. Please sometimes remind me about it, because I tend forgot about thing when too busy with real life. Look at the tag, harem hater. This is harem novel and not single pair. Beware of this, grammar nazi. This story has awful and worst grammar, so please find another story with high quality grammar and dont leave a bad reviews if you dont like the grammar; state the other reason for reviews. Patreon: www.patreon.com/tetekgede (for those who willingly support me)

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