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Secrets of the Wicked

A plan that was supposed to involve saving her friends turned into a full-blown mess that plagues Anberine wherever she goes. The worst part is that it's not just any boy, it was the King's Son! How will she cope with her bully who now behaves like a puppy on not just any leash- her leash! Short Except- "What could you possibly want with her?" Marcus asked coldly only to pause as he saw Prince Skye show Anberine a withered purple flower which had yellow on the bottom petal that he had in his right jacket pocket. Anberine's mouth parted while her eyes as she narrowed them showed she was in disbelief, what was he up to? "Seriously...? A dead flower?" Anberine asked dryly not at all impressed by what he was up to. "Well it matches your eyes" Skye commented as he saw her newly changed violet eyes which were still not amused, clearing his throat he kept the flower visible "Violets that sparkle, flowers despite withering never suit you anymore than they do now" Skye said mentally blinking at what he was saying. 'Wait what? What did I just say?!' Prince Skye screamed mentally not believing what he had just said. 'Why did I said something so dumb?' he berated himself for the stupid comment. "What?" Marcus was left baffled while Anberine was even more confused, to prove she was confused she tilted her head and her expression showed she was completely lost. "What has he been drinking?" Anberine asked still in shock as she tried to observe any features that would have been off. "Did you sneak a sip from your father's wine cellar? Or did you hit your head when no one was looking?" Anberine asked bluntly now looking at Marcus who shrugged. "I did drink something" Prince Skye admitted causing the pair to stare at him quickly, that was odd why was he admitting anything and to them no less? "I've been drinking in your beauty and for a rat-faced girl, you look cute" he added with a sly smile. -Author's notes- Please let me know what you think, feedback and comments are truly appreciated. I hope you enjoy the story and thank you to those who have and are reading it.

LilWhiteFox ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings