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Heat Of Passion

The Seductress and the Mafia Boss “Yes or no...?” He asked darkly, his eyes already hooded with lust. Now there is no going back. I couldn’t contain anymore. “Yes.” I breathed out. With the answer that left from my mouth he intruded inside me sending me to an oblivion of pleasure. _ Anaís López

itSukiNovels · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Nocturne [Bloodlust]

Miles, a young painter enjoying his privacy in the Italian countryside, must choose between the simple life he loves or being successor to a clan of wealthy, influential purebloods contending for power in the new world order. Should he fulfill his family's wish? Or will he be able to escape his predetermined fate: a life of deceit, chaos, and deadly encounters with the mafia? °°° After moving out of town, Kel finds herself a new friend and renewed self-worth as she tries to leave her troubled past behind. With Miles' help, she puts her career first to help her family while trying to enjoy adulthood and a newfound sense of normalcy. All seems well and routine until someone from her not-so-distant past decides to show up one day — only to ruin the illusion. Can she hide from him and the truth? •• DISCLAIMER •• Scenes, some places, events, and characters in this book are all invented. This story contains mature themes, profanity, violence, and other content not intended for young readers. Read at your own risk. Unauthorized reproduction of any part of this story or plagiarism of any kind is prohibited by the law.

mzxzy · Teen
Not enough ratings

Mob Boss in a Fantasy World

The head of the family is someone who is responsible for taking care of the rest. Vincent Denaro has been leading his family since his father died. He's collected a lot of debts and earned a lot of favors. After his family is wiped out in a sudden betrayal, he decides to collect the debt he has with the ruler of death himself. Instead of granting him revenge though, Death sends him into the cycle of reincarnation with his memories. Follow him on his journey of bringing his family to the top! ... in a world with magic? and dragons?

MeisPatch · Fantasy
Not enough ratings