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Lost in Time; Side Stories & Fillers

** This is NOT a stand-alone novel; it contains side stories, fillers, history, and more relating to the main novel- "Lost in Time; Unforgiven" ** :) Hello reader(s), this story will relate to the main novel, (as mentioned above), and may contain some chapters that are unintentional "spoilers." Carefully read the title and brief description at the start of the chapters to avoid any confusion. The chapters will give more insight into how things came about in their world and includes side stories and the equivalent of "filler episodes" that I don't feel are needed to understand the main novel, but I still want to write and upload. (I may do a couple chapters where I am just describing things about the characters themselves but it won't be very often.) I hope anyone reading enjoys these chapters and if you have a question about something, leave a comment on the main novel or one of these chapters and I'll do my best to answer. ^-^ Anyways, that should be enough information for now. As always, feel free to comment, like, or review; it means a lot to a writer :) Stay safe and take care reader(s)

KayyRo ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings