Water Belongs to the Dead: Heart of the Witch Book

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Water Belongs to the Dead: Heart of the Witch


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A young healer woman sets sail to kill her enemies and steal the heart of the prince her rival desires. She encounters deadrousers, cannibals and lunatics as she hunts for epic treasures and love. She finds out she can be everything she wants to be: a doctor and a healer of thieves, a lover and an impressively rich spirit aunt, but the price she has to pay will be paid in blood. Serenica Ingram is a brave witch in her twenties. She would do anything to be even better at healing. Mariana Kinley, a witch-hating witch and a ruthless businesswoman, doesn't like competition and drives Serenica out of her home. She joins the pirate crew of the necromancer, Captain Spade. The city of Neul that Serenica calls home is a hostile and degenerate place, ripe with rich merchants and homeless witches, but the mythical island of outlaws, Aja Vana, is even stranger. The western islands are populated by outcasts and Serenica would do anything to avoid them. Becoming a rich and respected pirate healer isn't easy, especially with both other witches and royals wanting Serenica dead. She has to sail to the ends of the known world just to get her stolen property back, and even harder will be to catch the eye of the Dreamer, the fair prince whom Kinley also desires, while fulfilling the promise to kill a king. WARNING: s*icide mentions, very mild cursing, violence, blood so please use caution when reading. Cover is a mashup of different public domain images. 50 power stones = 1 bonus chapter 100 power stones = 2 bonus chapters


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