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Mild Obsession


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Desmond and Vanessa both of diverse cultural and multilingual family background have Loved each other since they were kids, unknown to both of them, each one believes it's an unrequited Love until a business transactions caused their Families to arrange their Marriage, they both agreed individually and happy to finally be with the one they Love until Desmond got himself drugged three weeks to their wedding leaving him no other choice than to find relief with his soon to be wife by deflowering Vanessa who was equally drugged. She already vowed to be a Virgin till her marriage, Why did He hurt her this bad. It's been four years, and their marriage is not yet consummated, Now Desmond has made it to the top ten on Forbes most influential list, bringing with it the carnal temptation of vixens flocking around, and Vanessa is ready to file for a divorce and move on. Can this marriage be saved, will they forget their past and start again, who drugged them and what was the motive, Will their Love be strong enough to forgive and squash all doubts and find out the whole truth about the incident? Join me as we unravel this multicultural families and friends from Greece. Spain, France, China Nigeria, Italy and America.in the fist book of the Series; Mild Obsession (Series; HOLY OBSESSION.)


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