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The League of Nightmares

Notes- (I renamed this book from the League of Terror to the League of Nightmares) (This is an entry fo WPC #144 Horror) (So please give me your powers tones till 3rd November) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Official Synopsis So......this is where I am supposed to give a synopsis it seems. My name is Luke Patterson, I am 17 years old. My parents work abroad most of the time, I have a younger twin sister, we don't talk much, I had a younger brother who was probably murdered by me in cold blood? Why? I don't remember the motive and honestly feel hella pissed about that, lets hope my brother remembers why I killed him for that's the first thing I will ask him after resurrecting him from the dead. Also somewhere along the line I found myself a yandere ghost girlfriend, pretty neat huh. Yeah, and on our quest to the truth we somehow ended up founding the League of Nightmares. And the death of my brother might be the least of my concerns in the near future.......... How troublesome... But you, dearest reader, would find this story the very opposite of troublesome, It is gonna be totally awesome. So do check out the epic journey of our protagonist as he tries to uncover his past, forms new allies, and keeps a certain yandere ghost in check. If you ever run into the mc here are some tips to help you survive: 1) The protagonist's ultimate motto is: Do what you want, if someone comes in your way, give them hell! 2) Between the MC and his Girlfriend, no one knows who is the real yandere and who is just plain crazy. ------------------------------------------------------------ Alternate Synopsis- The city of Rowkein is called the City of Horrors at Night. One of the 7 Great Urban Legends of the city is the existence of a secret list of the top 10 unspeakable horrors of the city who rule over the night. This is a story of how the entire City gets flipped over its head by the eccentric young man called Luke Patterson and his league of Nightmares as he searched for the truth behind his brother's death. The city is just the start who knows how far will Luke's pursuit for truth take him. How many graves will we have to dig? How many hearts will he terrorize with nightmares? How far will his reign of terror reach as he spreads Chaos and Anarchy in his wake? Read to find out! (Srsly pls give it a chance!)

ThePotatoKing ยท Horror&Thriller