The Emperor who loves me dearly Book

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The Emperor who loves me dearly


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Four empires, hundreds of Kingdom. Among these, is the Theavarian Empire and the Thusha Kingdom, the exact opposites. One lives lavishly while the other is almost eradicated in the map due to its failure to keep up with modernization. Theavarian empire who doesn't believe in love and treats it as a disease while Thusha Kingdom who sees love as their salvation. This happened in a parallel universe where modern-day emperors still exist, making the role of CEO like those of an ant. --- Can love really surpass all? "We are the two paths that should never have crossed"-Unknown "Falling in love with you is my biggest mistake, risking it all is my choice"- Celestia Wresea If fate will tear you down, again and again, will you still fight even though you know that in this lifetime, you two can't be together? This story revolves around the story of the loveless empire, the Theavarian and the humble kingdom of Thusha. Can destiny be bent towards their way? Or it will consume both of them. "Love me once, love me twice, love me thrice, love me forever" Love me Harder Adam. Genre: Fantasy Romance


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