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Dragon Loves Me


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Maia, a veterinarian who lost her parents in young age, transmigrated into Aivyn's body after an accident. Maia is elated to start her life as Aivyn with her new found parents who cared and pampered her to core. But her happiness didn't last longer when she got to know that she is living in a land of dragons and she is going to marry a person who is the shield of the King. She tried to cancel the marriage. Gavon Lee, the shield of the king, is a mystery to everyone. From his birth he was trained to protect the king. When he got to know the king's decision he also started to plan to cancel the marriage. What is the reason behind cancelling the marriage? How is it going to change their fates? How is the veterinary doctor going to treat dragons? Excerpt: “Please leave Ivy. I don't deserve you, you are the light of my life. But I don't want to drag you into darkness” Gavon said with a hoarse voice and his lips were trembling. Ivy smiled and cupped his face, but he didn't look into her eyes “Gav, if light embraces the darkness then it becomes a cozy morning. If darkness embraces the light then it become beautiful night”. Still Gavon didn't dare to look into her eyes but she continued “If there is no light and dark then there won't be a day. If you are not there then there is no meaning for my life Gavon”. Gavon snapped his head upwards and looked into her clear black eyes. A tear rolled from his right eye and he hugged her tightly. --------- Please follow me on Instagram and Facebook for story updates. IG: aarna_auth FB: Aarna Auth Updates will be on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. This may change in future. Disclaimer: Cover doesn't belong to me. I just edited the text.


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