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SOL: I Was Female For 7 Lifetimes, Until the 8th Made Me A Prince

Solaris Light The Third is one of the Light Kingdom’s Princes in the land of Fantasia. He has one dark secret. His talents came from his memories from his past lives. 7 different lifetimes. 7 different worlds. 7 different lifestyles. All previously women. He is handsome as he is talented, with a kind heart that shines as bright as the sun. The only thing he isn’t the smartest academically and doesn’t know that much regarding love. Join Solaris as he tries to fit in as Prince while trying to figure out the mysteries around himself, his new world and the truth about his reincarnation lives before his present.

TaffyKandy · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

I Prefer The Term Tomboy

Webnovel_Weeb22 · Teen
Not enough ratings