S*x is You
novel - Contemporary Romance

S*x is You

Sleeping Gluttony

Completed · 316.8K Views

What is S*x is You

S*x is You is a popular web novel written by the author Sleeping Gluttony, covering Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 316.8K readers with an average rating of 4.89/5 and 62 reviews. The novel is completed and can be read all 78 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


[WARNING MATURE CONTENT]*COMPLETED* Shaun got into sweet-turned-problematic relationships with beautiful women. One day, a woman named Ellen came and used him at her disposal that led to his downfall. Another girl came and helped him. Will he be able to recover? Will he be able to know what true love is? What happens when sex, love, and life were combined in chaos? Join Shaun on his journey of exciting experiences with the women in his life and the struggles within his heart and mind. If you like this story, a review; comment; or gifts will be greatly appreciated. The names of the characters are fictitious and don't pertain to real-life people. This contains sexual and explicit words so you've been warned. I don't own the cover. If you are the owner just inform me if you want to take it off. No copyright infringement intended. Thank you. #malelead #ml #intense #hot All rights reserved. (c) Sleeping Gluttony IG @sleepinggluttony Twitter @sleepingglutto1

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this is a very good story though it is still ongoing. quite refreshing to read a first person point of view story. it is more realistic and this could also be due to the author claiming as a true story


Well, I'm glad that my friend recommend this story. This is so impressive and unpredictable that I really can't think of what'll happen next. Anyway, hopefully Sleeping Glutonny can update Chap 8 pretty soon. Jebal!! Waiting and looking forward to it....I suggest y'all read this peps💯love love❤[img=recommend]


The concept of each chapter brought intense events. I can't wait to read more about this. A quite suggestion to the readers, better check this story.


this story is hot. sizzling hot. haha. i thank my friend for sharing this story. i wonder how the MC is living in the real world now. worth the read 👌


created a wn acct just for this masterpiece. im glad a friend recommended this. can't wait to know how the MC and thise wome end as. this story is really erotically interesting


This story is quite hot. MC and the women in his life are very interesting. writing quality is good. and I like shaun x sarah chaps. cant wait to find how the story goes


The writing was captivating. The plot had so many twist and turns I couldn't wait for the next chapter. You've done an amazing job keep it up.


It is really amazing how some author creates an irresistible world. I'm trapped in this world of great read "Sex is You". This is indeed a commendable job.. Kudos to the author.


The story is just wowed me! Each chapters will give you different kinds of emotions and mood. I couldn't help adding it to my library. Worth the read! 🤩


What an intriguing story! I super love the twist that the writer made. Is this really for real? You are soooo blessed to taste different "jelly rolls" huh, jk! Well, pleaseee don't cut the excitement that your readers are experiencing rn. Kee it up! Highly recommended😘


Warning: The author is skilled at setting the mood. From chapter one, you can feel the tension before it actually comes. It continues the tease for a little bit that is also just as enjoyable


I love romance novels...The synopsis is interesting...While reading the story The writer showcased a lot of twists & turns...I hope the story ends on a happy note...Looking forward to reading more chapters...I loved the characters and their Crazy world of Hot Love S**. Great work, Author!


I love books where you can't predict what comes next. the plot is really good too. can't wait to read more of this book. the writing style is amazing. good job.


This is a really good read in my opinion. The story is intriguing and makes you want to read more. Great author, I'll definitely recommend this ❤ ❤❤


LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The concept of each chapter brought intense events. I can't wait to read more about this. A quite suggestion to the readers, better check this story.


This story was sizzling hot....! The story has its own twist and surely readers will surely read it till the end ...waiting for the update of it.....


Hi! I am Sleeping Gluttony the author of this book. Thank you so much to all of you readers, top fans, gifters who support this book. I really appreciate it. Godspeed to all of us. :)


hot! sexy! thrilling! this is a legit relatable story. very refreshing writing approach for author as well. it was like i was the MC myself. bravo!


Wow!! This is an interesting story, more chapter author please👏 This should be read by everyone, I won't waste my time posting a review for this if this isn't worth it. Enjoy reading😘


Nice write up and a very captivating story. It’s a kind of story that you can’t help but want to read more. A job well done to the author👍👍👍


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