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Look like there is some trouble with this one when i try to write again it so i make a new book novel starting from the new story!

Nickelaos_Nogaro · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings

Magical Ume Knight

For years the Higanbana have relentlessly ravaged the earth destroying countless armies in their onslaught. The only thing that stands between them and mankind's survival is Ume Knights, young teenage girls that use weapons known as AHRA's (short for Anti Higanbana Rail Armament) and are given extraordinary abilities that allow them to kill the Higanbana. Kizuna Hiraoka is one of the many new students in Tokyo's, Magical Knight Academy following in her mother's footsteps who was also an Ume Knight when she was younger and was known to be a high ranking Ume Knight. Kizuna will learn to forge her path along with friends and against her enemies.

ArcanePunkster · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings