I, Who am Pampered by the Great Dragon, Shock the Magical World Book

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I, Who am Pampered by the Great Dragon, Shock the Magical World

Son of Dragon

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# dragon # ultra rich Waking from sleep, Sade found himself in a large cave, and became an infant just a few months old? Endless waves of sleepiness and hunger engulfed him and made him feel deep despair. But just as he thought that he was going to starve to death here, an enormous figure landed in front of him. This was a creature that only appeared in the myths and legends — a Great Dragon! And this place was the Great Dragon’s nest! From then, Sade started his life being raised by a Great Dragon…… More than ten years later, Sade had matured into an adult and came to the human civilization, shocking the entire magical world! Not only was Sade proficient in Draconic Spell, but the power of those spells was also comparable to an actual Great Dragon. He had all sorts of incredible magic items, almost as though it wasn’t strange at all for divine items to appear in his hands. He was the richest man in the world, it seemed that there was simply no end to his treasure stash, enough to buy an entire kingdom even. He was the son of the Great Dragon! Sade·Prescott!


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