Reborn With The Magical Academy System Book

novel - Fantasy

Reborn With The Magical Academy System


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  • 45 Chs

  • 4.7

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The Fire, Father of Legends has turned into embers. The era of gods has been forgotten, and soon the era of heroes will follow. The new era of men is tormented by the savagery and superstition of the unworthy heirs to humanity. As magic, once a source of wonder, becomes a weapon of war, Roderick, a veteran war mage seeks to change the course of fate. Forsaking conflict, he endeavors to create an academy dedicated to the peaceful study and exploration of magic. But tragedy strikes as the war mage dies before his dream can be realized. In a twist of fate, a god takes pity and reincarnates a man of science from another world to take his place, however, the house isn't empty and there is danger within the walls.