Throne of Magical Arcana
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Throne of Magical Arcana

Cuttlefish That Loves Diving

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What is Throne of Magical Arcana

Read Throne of Magical Arcana novel written by the author Cuttlefish That Loves Diving on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering reincarnation, magic, weaktostrong, transmigration, betrayal. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"A falling star has brought the chaos. The throne of fate has lost its master. The nonbeliever who walks in light and darkness will make his debut." In this magic world, knowledge is power.

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Hi everyone, I'm the translator of TMA. I'm currently working on producing more chapters and hope to hear more from you guys and ladies! If you have any comment or suggestion, please leave them here. I basically check it everyday!


I found this novel really interesting. The MC got transported into other world as poor teenage which is illiterate and jobless. So we really follow MC journey to learn how to read, searching job, learning music, and hiddenly learning magic which is banned by church. I think it is kinda like "the dark king" where mc join magic group instead of alchemy. Other than the good plot, the mc is also likeable as he is hardworking and caring to his friend and family.


Hi everyone, just want to make a short explanation about the ads. The web only locks the latest two chapters. When a new chapter is released, one chapter will be unlocked from the ads. Say, currently we have CH88 & 89 locked. When I release CH90, CH89 & 90 will be locked and CH88 will be available if you don't/can't watch the ads. We all hate the ads, yes. But watching the ads is also a way to show your support for me. Your reading of the novel and your watching of the ads are highly appreciated. Thank you very much!


Website : qidian china Views : 7.12 million Rating : 8.7(2735) Chapters : 949 Status : completed Word count : 3.15 million author rank : platinum


If you may notice, we increased our upload speed from 5ch/w to 7ch/w. We're testing our new tl platform, too, hoping that we can have some more extra chapters released for say, vacations or special days! Thank you for all your support for TMA.


Omg... it is so creepy doing translation about necromancy and necromantic experiment at night alone QAQ......And the school of necromancy is just brutal...no other word for it, brutal! But Kris you can do it!


I finished it in Chinese and it is really really really fantastic! It contains music , 'science VS religion' , the relationship between the science and the magic, and many many many exciting and funny stories of science revolution based on the true history! One of my favourite online novels ever. Can't help recommending this novel to everyone!


This is one of the best webnovels I have ever read, and I have gone through a lot of webnovels 90% of the ones in this website and from many others. This story has one of the most practical and smart MC you have ever seen. Unlike most webnovel's there are no arrogant young master or any childlike logic in this story. The characters in the story is closer to that of people that we can relate to. This story is not a 'one man show' of one guy arrogantly dominates others and show off. The MC's cheat is his knowledge of science from modern world which he uses to his advantage in his own unique perspective, he is mature and knows his limits and capabilities. The other characters have their own development and their own contribution to the story line unlike most novels where characters other than the MC is completely useless. I strongly recommend this novel for those who would like to read webnovels with a bit of depth where the plotline is byzantine and enjoyable.


Dear God! 1. Protagonist is not an idiot 2. Protagonist is not a spineless coward 3. Protagonist understands basic ethics What is this sorcery!? Am I dreaming? Usually for typical CN/JP novels on here we get, at best, pick 2 out of 3: either protagonist acts like an unforgivable asshole (CN), or is ***** to the point of having a 12 year old mentality (JP). READ THIS NOVEL if you are sick of the above and want something more serious and realistic (as far as sorcery and fantasy go, anyway) Greatest appreciation to author, translator, editors.


I highly recommend this novel as I finished the novel in English. Slow as the pace is at the very beginning, the story has a impressive strucuture and the magic world is well constructed. Expecting more chapters!


By looking at the stats if this book, it reminds me that i had read the raw of this book 3times. It is truely my favourite. And it is a shame that people stop reading it only because it has a similar start with RtW and Heaven’s Path. They have no idea that this book is those two books’ senior, which is completed years ago, and it was those two books that used the setting of this very book! Da*mmit what a shame


Hi ladies and gentlemen, as you may notice, the releasing speed is quite slow this month since I'm during my master final season, and since I'm going back to China for a month, I have overwhelming tasks to deal with right now. Anyways, I apologize for being slow this month. And I'll try to do at least one chapter everyday, or more, in December during my break. Thank you all again for showing the support to this novel. Love you folks all!


Can we just get another translator for g his novel? It is basically butchered by this "translator" who has not updated for two weeks. He/She does not deserve the premium. What a greedy bastard.


To all my dear readers and the supporters of TMA: TMA is going premium at the end of November! Going premium means we are going to have a mass release day every now and then with 10 to 15 chapters released all at once! I am working on saving more chapters for this and I sincerely hope that you won't forget TMA on your bookshelf! I work as a part-time translator, so I do apologize that my translation speed may have disappointed you many times. What I can promise you is that I will and I have always been treating the novel seriously and will never give it up. My biggest wish is to guarantee the quality of the translation so TMA lovers can have a good experience. (Many of you wish to cast spells on me so that I can produce more chapters and trust me I wish so as well hhhhh) Thank you again and again for your stones and support. Wish to see your comment under every chapter! Let's go premium and continue the adventure! Kris


a good story spoilt by excruciatingly slow releases. the translator should do everyone a favour and cede the project to someone who is committed to translating. ordinarily this would be forgivable in a purely fan based translation project. but when its clearly monetised, its extremely frustrating


Where the hell are the updates and chapter releases? Not even a perfect translation to begin with, and then you take weeks to release ONE chapter at a time? Absolutely horrendous treatment of a great book.


Been following this for quite awhile now, Enjoyed the slice of life music part. The magic system is a pretty cool idea, but overall it has a bit of a slow pace. The worst thing about this is def update speed. For probably over 6 months it's been 1 chapter a week, when it says 5. And for probably the last 2 months, we have had almost no chapters all month then 4 last day. Need a new translator if this series ever wants to be completed.


Absolute gem of a novel destroyed by the sluggish, nay, almost nonexistent translation speed while being premium. Characters, settings, development, near perfect merge of science, magic and music. This could easily top the rankings but due to the erratic translation schedules it's all lost. Translator should just give this project to another team.


ok lucien is new leylin fanlier , he still pure.. but i bet in the end he will step in the darkness and become cold blooded struggling to survive and seeking power the story are great, the con for me is the explanation abaout spell is lacking, you know what? i enjoy his story about his carrier in music than his path on become a magus


Best novel on the site. Characters have actual reasons that require them to risk their lives. MC is able to actually think about people besides himself and his friends without being stupid about it. Interesting characters. Only downside is slow release rate


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