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The Rise of the Empire

The bastard of the King, Nothus, has to survive the great civil war and the future wars that await the lands. The King is dead and the children fight amongst themselves. Nobles fight over land and wealth. How will Nothus and the band of Bastards survive the coming wars and intrigue? (Cover photo is not mine, but was edited by me. If needed I can remove it)(Novel chapters will come out in batches)

lessonsofteacher · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

A Pirates Life

the Tale of an immortal undead pirate who swears revenge against the man who destroyed his family, his home and his life and a young man who fights for king and country. this story contains fantastical magical powers in an age where men ruled the seas an age where men can be free and not worry about being poor, and where pirates can vote for their captains

Lord_Primus · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Lady Violet

I can still feel it. The looks they give me as if my existence itself is not needed. well, not that I'm not used to those kinds of looks, ever since I was born, I was treated as unlucky. My mother died after giving birth to me and my father and siblings hate me. I was finally able to live freely away from them when I accidentally fell in the river near my apartment. When I woke up, I'm already in the body of a child and beside me is a handsome man who hugged me with tears in his eyes. "My daughter, I didn't know how I would live if you died." But those words are only for show, because in reality, this man, my father, is the tyrant archduke of a novel I've once read who would ascend to the throne as the Emperor after killing the only Prince of the Empire, and I, Violet Ruxford, is to be crowned as the sole Imperial Princess of this Empire.

Neewt · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings