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Into the novel without a SYSTEM!!!!!!

The biggest businessman of all time Gill Bates rose from nothing as a broke orphan to the richest man on earth. As he conquered the entire business world, he finds his life boring now indulges in NEET culture to keep living. He dies from betrayal but soon reincarnated into poor noble family. Although he is broke entirely to the level of starving for many days he is happy as he got the most expensive thing in his life which can't bought using any amount of money " A FAMILY". He founds out it is the world of his favorite fantasy novel "Asuras Wrath". The protagonist of novel is a neutral character neither good nor bad person whose only aim is to kill Asura the greatest demon king for revenge. All the settings are fine but where is the F**KING SYSTEEMMM!!!!

Necroman123 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings