The True Purity of Good and Evil
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The True Purity of Good and Evil


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What is The True Purity of Good and Evil

The True Purity of Good and Evil is a popular web novel written by the author VRW1, covering COMEDY, SUPERNATURAL, ACTION, ADVENTURE, DEMON, MYTHOLOGYFICTION, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 28.1K readers with an average rating of 4.29/5 and 13 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 164 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Long ago demons was said to be evil being but what if I tell you that demons can be look at as good beings. A tale of a woman that was living among humans but have a dark path with one of the demons kings of the underworld. Vol 1 Roki was trying to figure out what happen to his family after the holy war between the angels and demons, but found out that they was dead by the demons in another world. Vol 2 The Japanese arc Roki try to figure out what Morrigan took him at and he found out that curses was overunning the world and the gods was somewhere else but Roki got some of the gods that fought him and he travel to the nether realm to find out how to get back home. Vol 3 Celtic arc It was four months before Yoki and the others had went to the Japanese world and fond Roki. Yoki had lead the other across the land and the meet up with Athena and they trying to find Roki but manage to figure out Morrigan had block their connection from Roki and so they had to defeat her to find Roki and bring him home. Vol 4 The Battle of the Kingdoms One of the members of the House of Luck was trying to find their grandfather's notes on their enemies and Luck had found out about his great-great grandfather holding his trident with powers that will led him and Roki and Yoki to the past to meet the first wielder of the trident of the lost city of Atlantics. Nyxt, the goddess of ocean and war. Do not own the art and the cover. I will take it down unless something say so. https://www.vrw1.com/ That is my website go visit it and check out the others comic book I got and webnovel, books too.


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The story is action-packed and there are a lot of updates. The plot moves quickly with dialogue and travelling time-jumps. Even though the author does not have English as their first language, the story is worth reading for the creativity!


I like the story so far. The writing and character design are good and interesting. Supernatural things are always my thing and your book is something really good.


The book is great, though I have always been fascinated by demons and angels character. There are few typos and the author writes in some paragraphs like the Bible was written. Good work author!


It's a really good premise, I like the characters and concepts (I'm a sucker for half demon characters) I can't wait to see what the father's story is and the full extent of the characters abilities. The chapters do need some editing but if that type of stuff isn't too bothersome for you then I wholeheartedly recommend you read this.


Reveal spoiler


The concept, I must say, is very good. I'm always a sucker for these kind of themes so I really liked the angel, demons and human world. I'm also intrigued with the brothers dynamic. Though, one thing, I hope the errors in the story will be corrected because I personally think it would further improve the overall quality of the story. Well, keep up the good work, author!


This novel is an enjoyable read. Keep writing and keep posting! Character is fun, pacing is good and overall this book isn't bad at all! Well done author.


If this is a translated story then no comments on grammer, but if it's not then I must say your grammer construction needs some work. Get a proofreader to read your work before publishing. I'd give you an honest review, i couldn't read the first chapter finish because of the grammer but I'll try reading the next chapter though. But over all it seems interesting keep up the good work. Also the book cover could really turn people off, Change it.


Totally awesome! I like this story! But I want to suggest you to change your book cover with a cooler one. However, I like the writing style. Really, you are great! Synopsis is too much interesting and I just hooked up for it. Love it so far! keep it up dear author! I cheer you!


I love the story so far so good ! Both the writing quality , story development and world background are well done and stuctured . please keep going and update more , i'm hooked already !


Everything is all good Except the cover it really is not that good and is probably why you may not get a lot of readers in my opinion. you should really change the cover


An intriguing novel! I enjoyed the detail that was given to the world building aspects of the novel, and the interesting twist put on demons. There are some very unique aspects about this book, and I especially liked the crafting of the character Ruby, she was very fun to read. I would say there are a few issues with tense that sometimes makes this novel a bit hard to read. But other than that, it's a good book!


The prologue is intriguing. The author did a bit of background on the first chapter and the world building is great. I don't see any errors from reading it, I'm immersed even. Give this a read and support the author!


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