The True Purity of Good and Evil Book

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The True Purity of Good and Evil


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https://www.patreon.com/creator-home Link to my Patreon right here. Chapter 289 is part of Volume 12 and more update on the synopsis is coming thank you and keep reading. Long ago demons were said to be evil being but what if I tell you that demons can look at as good beings. A tale of a woman that was living among humans but has a dark path with one of the demons kings of the underworld. Vol 1 Roki was trying to figure out what happen to his family after the holy war between the angels and demons but found out that they were dead by the demons in another world. Vol 2 The Japanese arc Roki tries to figure out what Morrigan took him at and he found out that curses were overrunning the world and the gods were somewhere else but Roki got some of the gods that fought him and he travels to the nether realm to find out how to get back home. Vol 3 Celtic arc It was four months before Yoki and the others had gone to the Japanese world and found Roki. Yoki had led the other across the land and they meet up with Athena they tried to find Roki but manage to figure out Morrigan had blocked their connection from Roki and so they had to defeat her to find Roki and bring him home. Vol 4 The Battle of the Kingdoms One of the members of the House of Luck was trying to find their grandfather's notes on their enemies and Luck had found out about his great-great-grandfather holding his trident with powers that will lead him and Roki and Yoki to the past to meet the first wielder of the trident of the lost city of Atlantics. Nyxt, the goddess of ocean and war. Vol 5 Space Invasion There are the Genesis a sworn enemy of the House of Luck they are beginning to rage war on the planet. Vol 6 and 7 In this two-part Volume, there are stories about the Iron Tower that was told to be wrong but the old age is wondering about the story and the weapons that lie there but they, are not the only ones. The Phantom Dawns is after those weapons and also after the truth about the dark world also. This takes place before Roki and Yoki discover each other and also explain what happens to Bridget. Vol 8 The First Age Arc Roki sent Fei and his two sisters to the greek world and investigate Loki's whereabouts and Roki was curious about what is Third Keys and what he finds out about the dark world and the dark plains. Vol 9 The Book of Omens This is based on the Third keys sega that needs to be made by this arc and you need to read about the Third Keys book that is book 1, book 2, and also book 3 of Third Keys sega. Vol 10 Kings Tower In this arc, a boy named Gil had to climb the tower to reach the top of the floors to find his own light from the darkness and he will have help along the way. Knowing about the outside world of the Omniverse and the different realms through the tower. Vol 11 The Four Sorcerers Wong Fu, Shang Ha, Blake Viron, and Qi Chi had special powers from the stars that fall upon Earth in the middle ages due to the star power. They had lived for over 500 years and they are now living their normal lives, but then due to the Kings Tower having an abnormal being inside the Kings Tower. Vol 12 John Wicker John was a normal man living on another planet besides earth and he was living there peacefully until one day he had gotten up and he had gain power from the book of Ozzy and now he must figure out the power through him while running from his fate from the ghost king and the wolfmen. Do not own the art and the cover. I will take it down unless someone says so.


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