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Destiny Dreams & Demons

Destiny Dreams & Demons

Abby is a normal, young woman in her late-twenties. She has a wonderful husband, a beautiful home and a normal life except for one thing. The dreams that are taking over her life. Her dreams of a woman named Laylan and the beautiful, exotic world in which she lives. As Abby shares the details of her dreams with her husband, Josh, they become more frequent and more extreme. And then one day tragedy strikes and her whole world is turned upside down and she begins to see visions of another woman. A woman named Drusilla. As her dreams of Laylan become even more redundant and her visions of Drusilla become painfully realistic, she begins to wonder. Are these women indeed just characters from her imagination? Or do they actually exist? Are these dreams and visions? Or are they memories of these incredibly different women’s lives? And if so, why is Abby seeing them? Could there possibly be more than she realizes?

Jessie_D_Davis · Fantasy
Tails: Whispers of the Wind (Revised English Version)

Tails: Whispers of the Wind (Revised English Version)

CAirell3 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings