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seven wishes from god in the multiverse

seven wishes from god in the multiverse

a man who was at the top the world died and brought before god and was offered seven wishes because god thought why not I usually only grant three because i dont feel like giving them more but yolo, read find the the chaos that ensews while traveling the multiverse I'm saying this now my grammar is good but punctuation is absolute crap this is the first book the I feel actually passionate about to wright Also this is a fanfic don't expect every thing to go according to the original story I don't know specific dates and stuff like that so don't expect that I have no upload schedule I will upload whenever I Wright a chapter so yeah thank you for reading also this will go any where from naruto, starwars, clifford the big red dog, marvel,harry potter, so basically this will go an any direction that I fancy and I'll try to make most worlds anywhere from 10 to 100 chapter I'm not sure again thank you for reading I don't own any of the franchises animes books movies or any of the universe I'm planning to visit they all belong to there respective companies I only own my oc thank you

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