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Lily: The Lady in Flats

Lily: The Lady in Flats

Love and dreams don't just fall from the sky - there are tears to be shed and things to be made right. At the age of sixteen, Lillian Daffodil still has no idea of who she wants to be. Her unladylike mien, peculiar sense of creativity and hoydenish behavior would always keep her from seeing her true charm and ability. Lost and with no destination in mind, underestimated for being a commoner, persecuted by envious peers, and unfortunate in matters of love - a girl could only take so much but even then, she just continued to move forward in hope to find what her heart was seeking all the time. "A Pioneer...?" Little did she know that a significant discovery could change her life forever - Lillian Daffodil soon becomes known as the "Lady of Many Trades" and the first ever fashion model of the empire. Then, enter the son of a Count who keeps encouraging her to find her passion, a playboy with a sketchy sideline job, a designer who strives to revolutionize the fashion industry, and a travelling peddler with a big secret to reveal. When romance and ambitions come together, a fashion fairytale starts to unfold. --- An Excerpt --- He peers at me with burning fervor, overzealous irises sparkling with zest. "I want you to choose me." At this, I only jolt in flummox. Then, as seconds tick by, I just end up mustering a straight face. "I thought I'm oddly incongruous. Why are you proposing now?" I deadpanned, unamused. "I'm not! What I mean is... I want your body?" That's when I finally snap and smack him on the face. He's definitely toying with me. Even with that stunning frame of his, though, such advances won't work with me. "I'm sorry! I got too excited. What I really want to say is, I'd like you to join me, and by body, what I mean is labor! Choose me as your instructor and work for me..." he trailed off all of the sudden, catching me off guard. He steels his gaze at me, both hands gripping my shoulders. "...With me, you can be weird all you want." --- (Cover Photo not mine: Credits to the original artist)

Aciee_GelaTin · Historical Romance
Ring of the gods

Ring of the gods

I have died but i have received 10 blessings from a goddess. i will use these ten blessing to become unstappoble. one of this blessing is a ring that allow me to bring things from the game into real life.

BellaEstrella · Video Games