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Too Much In Love (Short Novel)

Too Much In Love (Short Novel)

She never once thought to divorce her husband. But she is tired always waiting for her husband to spent his time with her. She is too much in love with her husband. Then she think 'maybe just maybe her husband is already bored with her? nagging,asking in everything when he is still working, jealousy, even to her step-sister? he maybe losing interest in her?' She think love can overcome anything, but totally wrong! She agree when her husband asked divorce, that is the beginning of everything... Warning: ⚠ Messy grammars still in editted, words, etc. Short page novel. ⚠ Well I want to write smut, maybe when I finished this, I will correct the grammars, the updates is unkown, well coz I m lazy lol but I assure you that this novel will be completed. Thank you so much to spare your time for reading this ;D

Ssall · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings