The First Store System
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The First Store System


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What is The First Store System

Read The First Store System novel written by the author pinaka_ on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, system, cultivation, overpowered, mystery. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A strange store which sells everything suddenly appears in the town. The Owner of the store is a young man and anyone who tried to mess with him %$#@. The products of the store are expensive, yet the queue outside the store never stops. "So what, If you're an emperor. I'll fight to the death with you if you try to break the queue." These scenes outside the store were daily occurrences. ************** The story is slow paced at start, but I assure you it would get better as it progresses. ***** Extra chapter goals: 300 Power stones: +1 chapter on Monday, 600 Power stones: +2 chapter on Monday, 900 Power stones: +3 chapter on Monday, 1500 Power stones: +4 chapter on Monday, 2000 Power stones: +5 chapter on Monday. Golden Tickets: 100 GT: +1 chapter on the first day of the next month, 200 GT: +2 chapter, 300 GT: +3 chapter, 500 GT: +4 chapter, 1000 GT: +5 chapter. *** The Cover doesn't belong to me. I found it on the MTL novels site. It belongs to a Chinese untranslated novel. If the owner wants me to take it down, pls tell.


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Since 50 chapters have been published, I think it's time for me to review my book. I gave the book five stars because the book is great (I'm not shameless). Writing quality is up to the readers to judge, not me. Uploads are stable, and I upload two chapters daily. The story has only started, so there are lots of development to come. Mc is an overpowered character and operates a store. To judge his personality, you would've to read. World background isn't that detailed since the story is set in the Multiverse, and there are infinite worlds.


It's a good novel, really nice with no romance I've seen too many. of them it's unique and the mc calm and collected, hehehe but that girl is honestly getting annoying sigh.[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Writing? Readable Story? Good Character? MC is a SIMP (to his Cat) and Lily the Cat is irritating that its disqusting There no problem other than MC and his Cat, but I will not read paragraph that has the word Cat or Lily


First the Cat is annoying... Second the Author's Deva to extremely Op fetish is unnecessary. And the reason number 3 is that its little boring. (And for God's sake or for you for Devas sake please stop the i, ii,iii... and no. for number, number = is Nr.)


Solid writing quality but cant say its 5 stars, beginning seems more like a prologue showing what mc will become in the future and then jumps around here and there which seems somewhat unnecessary and somewhat poorly done imo, the one thing that I hate about books is inconsistency and plot holes and there are already some appearing in the first 20 chapters that discourages me from giving this book more of my time. I usually like the OP store owner/system books but I find it hard to like this one. Might check it in future but for now 3.4 stars is me being generous :/ my rating might seem harsh but I am comparing it to books that actually have 4.8+ rating and are not inflated like your book currently is


If it was without lily then+1 And I dont like World background with Deva are Op. and there are few other things that I dont find good.......


Hi, my name is José, and I'm from Brazil, and I wanted to tell you that this story is AMAZING and I'm completely addicted to it, you're doing a great job, I'm looking forward to the next chapters, greetings (sorry for the english, it was for the google translator)




He simpt Maria for already a few chapters giving her all space rings of the people he killed without a good reason. At first I give it another Rewiew with 3,4 Star but then a few chapters later he is still a Trash ....oh I mean Trash simp


Ive only read 15 chapters so far but im liking it! To me, its a refreshing read. Id recommend to all. The quality of writting is also High.… Just have a read


Man this novel so good I makes me wanna shoot the author for slow updates you! yes you the one reading this go and read the NOVEL........it's good so far I readed all the chapters expect privilege ones (I'm poor af) and the story is pretty awesome.


So far I am loving this one. It's got good potential . I am aso a great fan of store based novel. And this one has new taste and different from previous same genre novel. Give it a try.


Woulda gave it 5 starts but he simps so hard FOR HIS PET CAT and lily is so annoying, maria is just cancer in evey chapter shes in, feels completely forced and she should clearly understand he dont give half a f about her and she starts liking him once she learns hes strong before he did anything to help her. Everything else is great but those 2 were enough to stop me from reading


I've read up to the latest chapter and I've loved the book until now. What I like most about this book is the mystery surrounding the MC. I've never seen the system treating the MC the way it treats him in this book. Great work, Author!


Reveal spoiler


I may not necessarily like this story but i do somewhat like the comedy.


So, far the story is unique and is not like other Store systems. So right now tye story is good and it has a lot of potential. I expect to be more amazed when there is more chapter and keep doing a Good Work!👍👍👍👍👍


So far the way the story is written is unique and good. The background is not confusing and power levels are easy to understand. I'll give it 5 stars for the chapter so far. Depending on how the story goes forward I might reduce it or leave it as is.


Overall good but you need to make the whole first 20-22 chapTers as prologue section/volumE. i skipped reading most of those and did noT feel like i missed anything.


well written and has a lil bit of uniqueness , will wait for more chapters and then do an actual review , loving it until now btw , keep going author .


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