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Poisoned Love (An LGBTQ story)

Poisoned Love (An LGBTQ story)

"N-Nikki?" Sydney's voice shook as she spoke, and Nikki began to laugh. Her laughter started out soft but quickly rose in volume as she grabbed onto Sydney's arms. She then began to speak, less to Sydney and more to herself as reassurance, "It's all just one big misunderstanding isn't it?" she laughed a little, "Of course it is, you would never leave me, would you?" -------------------------- A small excerpt from a chapter in this book! It is an LGBTQ book, and is lesbian oriented. I noticed there weren't many lesbian books, or LGBGQ+ at all, so I decided to write my own down here. My editor and I strive to be the best we can be, so please tell us if this isn't very good that way we can fix it.

Johanna_Murphy ยท LGBT+
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