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  • Levi xreader101

    Animetbh · Action
    Not enough ratings
  • Gamer anime Boy X reader

    You're home from work and want attention from your bottom gamer bf WARNING: humiliation kink, lots of BSDM and other shit so yeah be warned ig lol

    kai88894449 · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • Anime_ Romance

    life is drink, and love is drug oh now i must be miles up when i was river dried up you came to rain a flood you said,drink from me, drink from me when i was so thirsty pour on a symphony ** "Wlcm to anime romance, choose your favourite characters and be the xreader "Don't forget to comment which character you want next and vote for more" Warning: May contain 18+ smutty content but it's not my decision if you really wanna enjoy your favourite character 《Feb/2023》

    Baysan_Amir · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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