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Personal Surgeon

Personal Surgeon

“Is it true? You’re going to keep me, your daughter, captive if I don’t do the surgery?” Hong Shu-hwa had hoped with all her heart that this was just her older sister’s mischief and her mom...well, was still her mom. But never could she imagine in her wildest dream, it had all been true. So, was she supposed to just watch as her older sister snatched her identity, dream and her most important wish – Park Min Jae? How would the real-world Rapunzel accomplish her dreams and take back everything that had been robbed from her? How would she protect her loved ones?

yaejin · Contemporary Romance
Your wife is the leader of the underworld

Your wife is the leader of the underworld

Niana Singshen was a Maga boss in the underworld. She died by an unplanned attack and found herself in the body of a rich heiress actress. This rich heiress actress was married and already had two adorable kids. What a life

Daoist313032 · Contemporary Romance
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