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Post-A.D; Noel

Post-A.D; Noel

The world was once in a state of an apocalypse, setting the mass extinction of the human race. The project 'Satellite' was planned to search the remaining survivor from the first wave, and evacuate them to the moon base were androids usually mass produced. After the successfully evacuation to the moon, the survivors that sustained life threatening injuries, was put into a cryo freezing coffin to preserve and aid the injuries. After the disaster's final wave came to an end, a mysterious android that was given a title - 'The Flare' pushed the boundaries of the androids' system, causing all of them to evolve. Those androids now assist the evolution of humans through hundreds of years and making sure that history won't repeat itself. Making a consistent balance of advance technology and natural tools. An almost perfect balance that was widely accepted for a long time. But dispute itself was unavoidable, and a group of nations was against it. An alliance of nations further exploit technologies that are forbidden to create, eventually declaring war to those who oppose. In order to have an equal grounds to the opposing nations, the 'anchors' - the remaining humans of the past world, must be deployed. A nameless child, who barely survived the disaster, was successfully thawed from their coffin. A wide spread news regarding the upcoming war, the child immediately volunteer.

NoxCaeloHoriz · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings