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Never Cross The Shield


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"Ride to Fight, Fight to Ride! This is the law of Harsh Tracks." * The magician werewolf juggler found the boy beyond the shield when a dark wraith was about to take his body. He noticed that there was something wrong with this human boy. He had power. One of the strongest ones that could give the half-god the advantage of taking retribution on his father and other gods... The boy's power became a Secret to protect his head... To keep the memory safe the juggler locked it in a queen card and left it for the boy... The boy must protect himself from greedy eyes... Follow the story to know how Bo overcomes the struggles... ** “Hey Bo, the girl sneaked inside the Feral kin building.” “Send a naughty fly to scan the place!” He hit the brake icon and the car smoothly stopped. “T, make sure you record everything and send it to Fai if we didn’t return within thirty minutes.” "The time had set from now." A woman's voice said. The car operator activated and three of them moved out to follow the girl… Volume one: Feral Engines ____ Volume two: The core seekers The hunters of pixie cores sacrifice the life of Vita for the sake of money and the consumers of the cores waste that valuable element of life to gain more magic or power their engines... **This is a mystery fantasy, follow the MCs and support characters to unlock the mysteries. ** This is a dipolar world (Modern took a side with traditional, a world full of angry half-gods, demons, and filthy creatures. A home where the settlers despite their differences must go hand in gloves to survive. I don't own the art on the cover if you know the artist please direct me on my discord. *This is a fantasy world made by Author.* Please Vote with power Stones.


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