Kidnapped by a Dragon Billionaire
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Kidnapped by a Dragon Billionaire


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What is Kidnapped by a Dragon Billionaire

Read Kidnapped by a Dragon Billionaire novel written by the author O_Lyn on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering r18, magic, weaktostrong, ceo, dragon. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


This is a modern love story with a fantasy twist involving dragon shapeshifters and demons! Zi Mei was poor and desperate with loansharks after her to settle debts her father had racked up that she could never repay. Thorin is a 3,000-year-old dragon shapeshifter who kidnapped her and offered her millions to be his mistress and to bear him heirs. She had to choose between being sold off as a prostitute by the loansharks or becoming this handsome dragon shapeshifter's mistress and baby making slave. So, Zi Mei signed the contract to become his mistress. She found herself falling in love with the sexy handsome dragon but he remained aloof towards her. Will he ever love her back or is she destined to suffer unrequited love while sleeping with him every night? Unknown to Zi Mei, demons are plotting to get rid of Thorin. Now, the demons saw a chance of getting to Thorin through Zi Mei. Will they succeed in their nefarious plot to shift the delicate balance between dark and light? Will Thorin be able to save Zi Mei? Will they finally be a real couple instead of a contracted couple only to produce heirs? Read on to find out what happens in this modern love story with a fantasy twist. Gorgeous art & cover design by JeiJandee. Warning: There will be R18 steamy mature content in the later chapters. There will also be sweet, funny moments between Thorin and Zi Mei. If you like this story, you may also like my other ongoing work on another dragon shapeshifter from the Sea Jade clan: A Dragon & Her Yoga Teacher https://dynamic.webnovel.com/book/20916049106243205?utm_source=writerShare&utm_campaign=4306116363 It has a strong female dragon lead and a hot yoga teacher whom she seduced. ******BONUS******** 50 power stones = 1 bonus chapter 100 power stones = 2 bonus chapters 200 power stones = 4 bonus chapters ****EXTRAS**** 50 summoning pens = 1 special chapter release (side story that’s related to main story) 100 summoning pens = 2 special chapter release (Thorin’s viewpoint) *Update once every two days*

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This is an amazing book! I love how Zi Mei’s character developed as the story unfolds and she became stronger. I also love her interactions with Thorin. I can’t wait to read more from this author. Good work! [img=update]


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I loved the story so far! The world slowly built through the Characters is really interesting. In the beginning I thought Darren was the ML and I loved his interaction with MC. And then Thorin came in and I loved him even more. .. I loved the was Mei reacted to being the Mate of a dragon and I love the fact that there is something personal at stake for Mei than the typical 'love at first sight, now I will even die for you stranger I met today' kind of 'love' . Keep up the good work author 😁


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Hello readers! Thank you for reading this book and for leaving your reviews. I am still new in Webnovel so I fully appreciate your support! I will try to meet your expectations and create a wonderful story for you to escape from the boring humdrum of living our lives. What are books if not to escape to new worlds and indulge in our fantasies and imagination. Read on and have loads of fun!


I love this story! This is the first time I’ve read about dragon shapeshifters and the best part is that it is set in modern times. This is like reading two genres at the same time. I can’t wait to read more from this author!


This is such a refreshingly unique story that sets a fantasy theme in contemporary times. The story of Zi Mei and Thorin just gets better and I love the interactions between them. Can’t wait to read more from this author![img=update]


Firtly, the storyline is very interresting, it is quite real, the first part with the debts mostly. The writing of the author is promising , not too much errors and its easy to read. The characters has their own personalities and it’s fun to read☺️ Good work👏👏


I mean I am just like what the heck just happened and what was I reading? I was so entranced by the story that really hurt when the chapters got to an end. Well written and great way of introducing characters and plots. Looking forward to more fun and see where our leads will take us.


Talk about attention gripping. I personally have become a fan of this masterpiece. It's fun to read, easy to understand and plus the mc is very relatable. Keep up the good work.😍😍😍🥰


Excellently written!!! I haven't read that many stories about Dragon shape shifters- but this story is quite a "gem". I'm totally in love with the plot- Thorin is sweetest kidnapper I have ever read. The subtle comedy and drama kept me on hook. I wonder why this book isn't popular? 🤔


I love the story. I love how Thorin fall for Mei and doesn't even realise it, I hate the fact that he thinks that he cant love. I love how Mei matured throughout, even after losing her memory she still seemed stronger to me. I hope to get more to read soon, I hate waiting but no choice.


beautifully written and so fascinating that I couldn't stop myself. The words aren't complicated and makes it easy to read. loved the plot a lot, very unique and refreshing


I llllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee iiiiiiitttttttttt. I am rooting for the couple and wishing Zimei happiness


So domineering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha, I am in love with the characters. This story deserves it all and can't wait to follow the journey of the two


Beautifully written and very interesting from the very first line. Zi mei is such a poor character and to be faced with those 2 cruel choices......author is really amazing


I really loved the way Zi mei carried herself throughout the story and how she just interacts with everyone especially her lover. It may have been hard for her when it started but I am happy to see her smiling and in love


it started on the wrong.......but i am glad that they are together. The dragons and shapeshifters open a brand new world for me and I just love it so much


I love this story so much. The way they meet, how he saves her and how she compromises just melt me. I am hoping to see a beautiful ending and happiness for our gal


Debts are like curses and very hard to get rid off and it makes one's heart to ache that such a young beautiful girl is being forced to be a mistress because of it. Love the concept a lot, keep up the great wek


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