The Mask Of The Monster
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The Mask Of The Monster


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What is The Mask Of The Monster

Read The Mask Of The Monster novel written by the author Proteety_Promi on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering r18, superpowers, dark, devil, sweet. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Warning: Mature Content Some readers might find some chapters a bit disturbing as they will contain violence, blood, and intimacy. So please do not read it if you are not comfortable. Otherwise, I guess you will find it entertaining. *** I pulled my face down again, taking her in for another kiss. This time the kiss was not too gentle, but it was not fast and rough either. But it was something, something sensual. Her hand again found the back of my neck and this time, she was pulling me down. In the warm air and the dim light radiating from the fireplace, our kiss went on, silencing my thoughts while I lost myself in the bubble of time as pleasure and desire filled my body and mind. *** Having a toxic family, all Ella wanted was to find a place where she could be happy. One day, she discovered an entrance to a whole other realm where there was no place for mercy. It was teeming with monsters and beasts yearning for power. Finding a human girl in the world of monsters and beasts, the most terrifying of all, known as the Beast, found a strange attraction towards her. Was it for her flesh or for the girl? *** Guys, if you want to talk, find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100072381097958 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/proteetypromi/


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Hey, readers! Author here! This novel is about a monster and a human girl. The girl believed since the beginning that there is a heart inside that terrifying shell of the monster when the monster did not know it himself. Known as the beast, the most frightening of all the monsters, found himself getting attached to the girl. So what's next?


Guys, there are some things that I want to say as the author. Well, I've said in the author's note before that I love reading chapter and paragraph comments and reviews. I like to know how you guys are feeling about each scene. I want you all to let me know what you think about the story so far. But some fellow authors try to compare my writing techniques to theirs. I mean, every writer has their distinct style. Every writer writes in their own way. What's the difference between me and another writer if I write in their way? Some of the other writers don't seem to understand this. They tell me in the comments that they would describe the scene in this way or that way. As if I wanted to know that! No offense, but I want the chapter and paragraph comments on my writing, not how they would describe it or they want me to describe it. I have my own style and I have a reason for describing a scene the way I do. In some scenes, I include more information and in some scenes, I add less. But I have a reason for that. I'm writing this novel and I know why I'm doing this. So, please don't give me suggestions to describe a scene in a particular way. Reading these kinds of comments really frustrates me. If there is any grammatical mistakes or punctuation and capitalization problem, you can point that out and I would be happy to correct that. But please, don't tell me how to describe a scene. I know what I'm doing. Anyway, no disrespect to anyone. But I want you all to respect my writing style as well.


I love the way things started. I'm really excited to know about the monster. I mean, really, I really want to see how things go between them.


Overall. A new interesting uptake of a human and the beast. Ella and Leandro. Writing Quality. Good writing. Very minimal editing. Updating Stability. It was continuously updated until very lately. Story Development. Gradual pace. From a normal world to a not-so normal place. Ella's normal curiousity peek coursed her into entering a whole new realm not exactly of humans but of monsters. Character Design. A typical cliché teenage girl who finds herself squeezed within her family whose stepsister appears to be doted more by her mom. And a paranoid Beast who is wary of his own family. What an interesting pair they make. World Background. Normal human setting co-existing with the unseen world of monsters. I'd be interested to enter that hole as well so long as no Orgades are there to welcome me.


Definitely my cup of tea👌 Writing quality is good, I rarely read first person POV stories that aren't messy so plus points for that. The characters are neatly made, the FL is very relatable and I could feel the emotions in her thoughts and actions. I also like the writing style of the author, very straightforward. I've read some comments here that some parts are more of a tell than show but I think it's the author's personal style. Overall, it's a recommended book!


This gives me beauty and the beast vibes, BUTT the plot is promising. I feel that there is more to our characters than meets the eyes. The way you set put scenes in the reader's mind is just 10/10. The style is captivating as well. This is promising. I have plenty of theories on this. I hope you surprise me and exceed them all! You're a great author keep writing! Added to library XD


The text as a whole flows very well. There's not much to read for now, but so far, there was no instances of rereading things because I wasn't concentrated or anything. Meaning, writing quality is good. The style is great and so is the story, too. That's quite intriguing and it's what kept me reading after chapter 2. There's not much world background for now, but there's only three chapters, and given how wonderful author is doing so far, i wouldn't worry about that at all. Keep it up, author.


I really feel sorry for Ella. The way she is being treated is actually common in most households and I love that she stands up for herself and doesn't allow herself to be trampled by others. I have a feeling that Zoe's family is not so perfect, that they are hiding something. I don't know, maybe it's all in my head 🤭 Either way, I love your writing style and this is a great story .I'm definitely gonna stay tuned [img=recommend]


Wow, I felt the struggle of the FL lead. The background story is well written. Character description and emotion display are also perfect. Would love to see how it ends.


I especially like the female lead Ella. she is smart and in control of her emotions. she is also quite daring to go to an abandoned house which is said to be Haunted. I also like that she doesn't care about people who don't care about her


This is a fantasy romance that doesn't rush things. The flow of the story is great and the characters presented so far have their distinctive personalities. I would definitely continue reading to see where it goes. My recommendation to the author is to do some proof reading from time to time. Good work and good luck!


I loved this story its really interesting and makes you feel like reading more. The description and flow of the story are perfect, I really enjoyed reading it and yep I added it to my collection. Unlikely I don't have power votes with me right now or else I would have really voted for you! But Anways keep writing!


The plot quickly becomes unexpected from the start. I enjoy the unique quality of using a monster in this story. The storyline is very interesting making me want to know what's going to happen next.


I like how the author changes their perspective! The premise was handled very well too. There are some cases where some sentences does not fit well with the paragraph but nonetheless, everything works fine. Good work, Author-sama!


It's a good story that has a well-thought plotline. The story development and characterization were well done. I especially like the female lead's behavior, and despite everything, she was funny and unconsciously humorous. The writing quality was good. Its descriptions were detailed and very comprehensible. There were just a few grammatical errors and typos, but overall it was great and interesting. Good luck, author!


Amazing start! Exciting premise and the characters are portrayed realistically and are easy to connect to. I can't wait to see more. A great read on a lazy weekend. Good luck, author!


Only 6 chapters but that was enough for me to know it has potential. The character development in each chapter looks promising along with the general direction of the plot. Waiting for more chapters.


Overall : the synopsis was attractive and so is the story itself. The story plot seems interestingly unique and I can see the story’s potential to soar to great heights!! The flow was great, not too fast nor slow! Writing quality : the writing style was great , making it easy to understand and read the story! It's also written in a first-person view! Updating : the updates seem fine as this book is new and only has 5 amazing chapters so far! Characters : Ella has a not great kind of family background with a kind of family that does not care nor like a single bit about her. The descriptions of the characters were great and were distinctive enough to show what they look like and the differences! The characters and the monsters were well written and described out!! World background : There were some small details about the world and surrounding here and there in the paragraphs which is good~! there were some bits here and there about the surroundings around like the mansion, how the mansion looked like on the inside! My thoughts : the story captivated me and it was interesting! I really love how the story started out and it got me reading on. I do hope to see more of this with the upcoming chapters and I can tell the author knows where they want to take the story to! Great work author and keep it up! ✨✨


This genre perfectly fits my taste, I like how the author is so descriptive to almost everything, the writing is good, so is the pacing, meanwhile, the characters I must say the protagonist at first was too basic, but later on, I adore her braveness, I am certain she'll have a lot of character developments that is why I would love to read this book further. I highly recommend for others to read it. And for the author, I wish you the very best, keep writing and keep shinning.


Just read the first four chapters will take awhile to truly assess but very good work so far. I looking forward to seeing where the journey leads. keep it up.


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