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Clover:The world of magic and its cursed path

Clover:The world of magic and its cursed path

In a fantasy world full of mystery, Yuki who created that world in her sea of consciousness, was suddenly sucked in when the skies suddenly turned red. There she finds the story of Kishi and Kira, twins that are innocently living a perfect life together as Sacred royals until the tragedies of their lives begin to swallow them whole. As they unlock the mysteries of that world, their life is only getting worse. Death follows them everywhere they go, unable to protect those that are dear to them, and the dark forces that desires their mysterious power. Will they be able to survive? Or will their guardians and friends be forced to slay them to save the world in order to stop the destruction that once happened a million years ago? How will they be able to survive their cruel fate that forcibly kills them no matter how many time someone was sacrificed for them to be saved? And how will Yuki and their guardians be able to help them?

Yukishime_chan912 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings