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Read Devil Child novel written by the author SEP1A on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering r18, weaktostrong, mystery, superpowers, bl. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The future of mankind rests in Noe's hands. Having faced brutal bullying throughout his life, Noe is sent to a boarding school where his luck takes a sudden turn for the fantastical. Planet Earth, 2075. Humanity is hanging by a thread after World War Three rendered the globe inhabitable. With the introduction of angels, demons and realms unknown, will Noe play a hand in saving humanity or let the humans that mistreated him burn beneath his flames? To destroy the World or save it? That is the question. Excerpt: Like a demon of destruction, Noe snaps. His vision blurs and dissipates, scattered like glass beads across cement. When he comes to, he is no longer watching the scene but is at its epicenter, soaking in a pool of purple blood, maroon cadavers strewn across the ground. Every centimeter of the hall is covered in gore - except for Mr. Henderson, whose eyes, wide-blown in astonishment... and horror, are captivated by Noe's neck. Looking down at himself, Noe sees thousands of black feathers have sprouted out from his own flesh. They tingle at the root and shudder as he breathes, as if leaves clinging to a tree in winter. Blood coats his every morsel. Springing his now grey fingertips onto his neck, Noe perceives what feels like the head of a purple hyacinth wrapped around it, its ribbon-like strands interlocking and jetting as if growing from his voice box. Touching his face, porcelain-smooth, painted by blood, marble skin appears unbreakable. It was all for first love. —- Discord: SEP1A#9769 Cover Art: raazu692 | Fiverr

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Linguistics is a science of the art of Language. An art you have done a fantastic job of mastering. I have no words to describe how beautifully the author is able to articulate the English language and with such precision. I have not seen this much flair and potential from a writer in such a long time and it is refreshing to see a new style of writing on Webnovel and an author who speaks so passionately about autism – something I have personally never read about. Congratulations and I wish you all the best for your future works!


Ok, this is hands down the best novel I've read on here so far. The writing is superb, characters complex and layered, setting original and detailed and the story itself well paced and exciting. Basically flawless. Read it!


It's awesome! I like this story a lot and especially the writing style. I've been searching for stories like this, then finally, I found one. It's right up my alley. The plotline was great, the story's flow was smooth, and it was well written.


This novel uncovers a sensitive topic for the people who have autism, and I firmly believe the author knows what he's doing. You are awesome, author, for doing such an elaborate and informative story! Although I have only read the first few chapters of the book, those chapters made me cry ;-;


I am not ashamed to say that this book has brought me to tears and I have fallen in love with your style of writing. Your grammar is flawless and your story is just captivating. I am reading this book to the very end so please do me a favor and continue updating🤗


Hands down 5/5 star rating from me. You just have to read the book to get what I’m talking about it’s so good. I don’t think I’ve read a webnovel that is as meaningful, well-told, and entertaining as this one. It’s almost too perfect Didn’t know there were books like these on here


I love this story so much! I was gripped by the author from the very first chapter. This is a MUST READ for anyone on Webnovel, maybe even anyone in general. Their writing style is extremely complex and mature yet easy on the mind; grilling yet calming if that is even possible - the impossible made possible! The way autism is portrayed and evolves as the story brilliantly develops is absolutely heart-stopping, tear-jerking, and benevolent! Amazing author! BRAVO!


Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. You should feel incredibly proud of yourself. The way this story unfurls gives the reader something to look forward to in every chapter; mystery, chaos, intrigue and a bit of comedy as well. I am obsessed with this novel. Noe is a truly unique character that shines a light on the autistic community; he is gentle and intuitive. I don't really have anything to critique, The novel is a little fast paced but I like that, I think it attributes to the story. My dear author, excellent job.


As of CH 14: Very interesting topic! The characters are all so lively and feel like they all play a role in the story! Grammer issues are very minimal so kudos on that! Only thing would be show more, tell less and more sentence(length) variety. That way the story is more flowy :) Overall, love the idea! Although some people may think that the beginning chapters are very choppy, I actually like them since it represents the MC's mental state where everything is confusing and he doesn't understand! Adds flavor!


The story is well-written and the plot is interesting and offers a rather unique premise. There are some times I found myself a bit confused by jargon or events, but as the story has just started, I'll be looking forward to how the author develops the story, and keeps with the current quality of writing. Great job on this novel, keep it up!


Taking a turn that's special and rare on its own... This story will be exhilarating and heart touching i know from the first chapter and synopsis ... Keep up the good work brother


Review after 7th chapter. Very well written. It's a unique and interesting plot. The choice of words the writer made are good and were also understandable. The expressions and feelings of the lead are explained vividly. Keep going!!


This novel was really addicting to read due to how the Author describes things, I enjoyed the work and it is really well-written overall! Definitely would recommend this, keep up the good work :>


I immedietly hook in by the premise of the story and can't help but wonder what is going to happen next. The wording is excellent and i'm impress by the author ability to make me understand the context without having to explain too much. This novel is very enjoyable and it is refreshing to see such fresh premise. Keep on the good work! this will be in my libary for sure![img=recommend]


Everything here is beautiful. This is a deeper story than most I've found on Webnovel, and I really appreciate the little footnotes the author makes to define things that aren't obvious. There's a quick drop-off into the story that leaves you confused for the first two chapters, but I promise once you get into it, Devil Child is phenomenal. The only reason this review isn't a full 5 stars (it's sitting at 4.6 for me) is because of the somewhat abnormal update schedule.


Your story is going well. The one thing I would complain about is that it was not once but more times when I found myself a little confused while reading. Though I must say you can turn this story into a great one. I'm waiting to see how'll you develop Noe what will he become. I'm waiting to see how'll you will make the darkness disappear. Keep up with your work.[img=recommend]


the descriptions used are beyond captivating, they transport you fully into the world of the characters. the use of the present tense allows for the reader to move with the story; there is a sense of being a part of the plot. every word is meaningful and conveys something that is truly significant and precisely thought-out. there is a kind of juxtaposition used when contrasting the atmosphere of the school/Noe's feelings towards it with the feeling he gets when begins to discover his powers, it's so powerful and brings out the two extremes all the more effectively. the author is gifted beyond words, i hope that they know that. i've only gotten to the end of chapter 5, but this is one of the best books i have ever read.


read a first few chapters. i must say it is pretty amazing I would love to continue reading the book..... your style of writing is really good. grammar is on point. really impresive


Loved the setting and the topic discussed. To be honest, as an amateur author, I am jealous, eye-opened, embarrassed, and motivated after reading a few chapters. Learned a lot about writing and world-building. The novel is flawless (at least till the chapters I read) and kudos for the emotional weight that you put it in.


This is a *chef's kiss* All I can is as I read the first few chapters, I'm already sold of the descriptive words. It help me to be on the scene. This is one of the great things an author can do: to help the readers imagine what would it be like or what does the character feel like. I don't read any errors from this book which is a 1000/100. Give this a read and support the author, everyone!


At first, I must admit you are a very talented author!🥲🥲 I am feeling jealous 😅😅. Don't misunderstand me. I like this story very much as i found it interesting and unique. However, synopsis was really interesting and plot was really well defined. I hooked up with it. Keep it up dear author! I cheer for your great skill!


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