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Devil Child


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The future of mankind rests in Noe's hands. Having faced brutal bullying throughout his life, Noe is sent to a boarding school where his luck takes a sudden turn for the fantastical. Planet Earth, 2075. Humanity is hanging by a thread after World War Three rendered the globe inhabitable. With the introduction of angels, demons and realms unknown, will Noe play a hand in saving humanity or let the humans that mistreated him burn beneath his flames? To destroy the World or save it? That is the question. Excerpt: Like a demon of destruction, Noe snaps. His vision blurs and dissipates, scattered like glass beads across cement. When he comes to, he is no longer watching the scene but is at its epicenter, soaking in a pool of purple blood, maroon cadavers strewn across the ground. Every centimeter of the hall is covered in gore - except for Mr. Henderson, whose eyes, wide-blown in astonishment... and horror, are captivated by Noe's neck. Looking down at himself, Noe sees thousands of black feathers have sprouted out from his own flesh. They tingle at the root and shudder as he breathes, as if leaves clinging to a tree in winter. Blood coats his every morsel. Springing his now grey fingertips onto his neck, Noe perceives what feels like the head of a purple hyacinth wrapped around it, its ribbon-like strands interlocking and jetting as if growing from his voice box. Touching his face, porcelain-smooth, painted by blood, marble skin appears unbreakable. It was all for first love. —- Discord: SEP1A#9769 Cover Art: raazu692 | Fiverr

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