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I Can Respawn In The Apocalypse!

I Can Respawn In The Apocalypse!

What do you call a world that went Hell? An Apocalypse. What do you call reviving in a game? Respawning. What do you call a man who can Respawn in an Apocalypse? A BUG an Immortality Hack or a Cheat!!! This is a story about an the world turning into a Game Like Apocalypse and our MC Li Xin coming back from the future and being able to do something others aren't able to do. Which is Respawn! The undying man will show the world what he can do with his BUGGED skill of Immortality!

Apocalypse_GOD · Magical Realism
I have Nine Lives

I have Nine Lives

Life on earth was nice, everything settled down in the year 2021, and people learned how to live with the pandemic. However, the things that happened in 2020 showed that the Earth didn't have much time left, scientists already knew that a meteorite was on it's way to Earth but didn't tell anybody to not create mass panic. The meteorite hit earth creating an explosion that destroyed it thoroughly leaving nothing behind! Humanity only panicked in the last seconds before it hit the surface, the explosion engulfed everyone leaving them a short delay to say their prayers and have a peaceful passing. But, one orange tabby cat could be called lucky or unlucky at the same time, the friction of the meteorite colliding with the earth created a very small portal between dimensions, the delay of the explosion gave the owner of the cat enough time for her to throw the cat into the portal! It was unknown if it was the right thing to do.

KaiokenGuy · Fantasy
Not enough ratings