My Happy Life In Another World Book

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My Happy Life In Another World


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Parshant was your average teenager who unfortunately or perhaps fortunately travelled into another world. Just when he was worried about how he would live his life in this completely new world, he awakened a system. [Ding, detect the host has time travelled and the system has been awakened!] [Ding, as long as there is something that the host needs the system will automatically provide that to the host!] [Overall Goal: To let the host live a fullfill and satisfying life!] *** Tags: Slice of Life - Slow Life - Extreme Wish fulfillment - Smut - No Yuri - No NTR - But Contains Netori - Milf - Princess - Different World's - Different Races - Harem - Mature - R18 - Sex Stories - Hentai - NSFW - Pregnancy - Chaotic Neutral Main Character. ***** To see character's illustrations and to get instant chapter release, join my discord server; https://discord.gg/38sHvNaUzr


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