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Cat In Another World

Cat In Another World

Every story begins at birth but for me it started after me dying. For 17 years I've live my life as a human and honsetly I thought to myself sometimes "Why wasnt I born a dinosaur or even a dragon. Goblin seems fine too". I was born poor always out in the street trying to make a living. There were even time I had to look for leftover food in garbage bins just to fill my stomach and dining together with me were dogs. Lived a life similar that of a dog so what difference there is between me and a dog. No, even dogs were treated better than me at least some passer-by would throw them food while what I got was disgust and spit on my face. So when my time finally came, I accepted it with pleasure. But it seems that there is still another chance! And now in front of a strange figure with godly powers. I humbly protates myself. "Please turn me into an animal!"

CatInAnotherWorld · Fantasy
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