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Unstable dungeon

Unstable dungeon

Did Aki think he would be turned into a dungeon in another world just because he caught a shiny stone falling from the pocket of a random stranger? Yes. He could not expect it to actually happen though. Well, at least now he didn't have to go through with his appointments with his phono, shrink, and the last year of high-school. This world is filled with random things, people, cultures, religions, cuties and more, certainly he will find a way to live a good life. ***** This Aki here is something society would classify as highly functional sociopath, and he is set for a, relatively, real and cruel world where his craziness, personality and powers will have strange interactions on some occasions. Is it a bit of a pleasure write? Which novel isn't at this point? Just read, laugh and critique.

Akichi · Fantasy
Not enough ratings