My Boyfriend is a Campus Bad Boy
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My Boyfriend is a Campus Bad Boy


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What is My Boyfriend is a Campus Bad Boy

Read My Boyfriend is a Campus Bad Boy novel written by the author Maryixxx on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Teen stories, covering firstlove, badboy, alpha, schoolforwerewolves. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"Love or death? Which will you choose?" – "On this day, I will be your knight shining armor! I will always be at your back even the entire school hates you!" Sebastian Woo, a campus bad boy told her and quickly lifted her chin to meet his gaze. He kneeled at the ground, convinced a young girl to look into his round, brown eyes. "On this day, you will never be alone and afraid. I am here always by your side." A genuine yet bitter smile drawn on her pale lips. "I've been waiting for my night shining armor," Halora whispered. But, how long he will keep his real identity from Halora? Will he confess the truth or the faith will find a way to reveal Seb's strange power and past life? Would he rather choose to lie to the girl who captured his heart or tell the truth and will be vanished on earth? Discover and find out what will happen to the unique, interesting first love story of Halora and Sebastian. ctto, the artwork is not mine. (will be changed soon)


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"Author's Note/ Shameless Review" This is my third novel on Webnovel. I hope you will support me until the end, and I need your reviews too. Thank you and happy reading, butterflies! **: My Boyfriend is a Campus Bad Boy is an entry for WSA 2021.


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THE STORY REALLY GETS HOT FROM CHAPTER 3 ONWARDS! wish there was an anime, i gotta give the writer credit for sculpting such an interactive story ! with imagining, cliche bad boy and innocent girl tale but good developments


Good work but I'm wondering about first love with werewolves on it. It's quite interesting and I am expecting something from this story. Nevertheless, I love the concept. It is new and refreshing for me.


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From what I have read so far, I am deeply attached to the characters. I saw that this novel has great potential and I can't help but fall in love with the MC. Haha 😂 All in all, A very recommended read for me! Plot was moving and I can feel the thrill! Kudos and Congrats! 👏


There is probably a good story hidden somewhere in this, but the poor grammar and weird pacing makes it hard to find. I wonder if maybe English isn't the first language of the author or something. Given that others seem to like the story and characters a lot, this could probably benefit from a proofreading and a bit of editing.


Just have one word to say WoW, 💛amazing story line, great dialogues, wonderful writing keep doing your work author would recommend this book to everyone out there💚💚💚


it's a nice book I'm looking forward to the next episodes .Please update them fast I really love this story [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


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The story is typical, which is good. The plot, I can predict, but enjoyable I guess? This is good for teenagers, to give them flutters and stuff. An honest critique, speech, and paragraphs need a little bit more creativity and grammar needs a little bit of fixing too. But it isn't really bad. It's as good as great. But I guess it was happening fast? In less than three chapters, there were already some exciting scenes. Anyways, maybe it was purposely done like that. I can recommend it to early adolescents, surely.


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Whew! The chs flew by so fast (not because of short cha, but because of the wonderful plot)! Haven't read such a fast-paced novel on WN for quite a while! Loved the characters of Seb and Hermione! The plot is full of suspense and I specially liked how the chs ended with different questions, which keeps the reader wanting for more! Will be waiting for more updates![img=update] Author, good job done with the plot so far![img=recommend]


The story is great. It's a teen novel with werewolves. it's so good. And I am wondering what will happen when she gets to know ml is a werewolf. good work author.


Another interesting book by the author and I'm reviewing after reading all chapters. This is an interesting read and a but different from other books. I totally love the bad boy vibes.


Wow! A modern life story with a twist of Werewolves and hidden secrets. The author must be up to something interesting that would make this novel unique, and thrilling for the readers. Keep up the intriguing start, and I'm looking forward into it.


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Please support my novel " Irene the lady who turned down fate" it might be lacking since I am new to this field but I will try harder and harder to improve it. And I really liked this novel!! Good luck!!


Great story. We have our fl mc who is outcast in the school but gets saved by ml. ML is bad boy of the school but he is good to fl. We have typical mean popular girl group as side villains. But story evolves when we know seb's (ml) real identity which is alpha werewolf. let's see if can live in human world? Does he have feeling for fl? What happened 2 years ago? Writing Quality - It's great but I get confused with fl's name which is sometimes Hermione instead of Halora but it might have some other meaning to it. The author sometimes should try describing the scene happening more. Story development - It's smooth, plot is great. Character design - I like Halora's character despite her being timid, she isn't a fool to fight a losing game when a class of hundred is against her. I have yet to find what is bad about Seb but he is good to fl and doesn't seems unreasonable. He respects fl I can't ask for more. For his alpha werewolf identity I am ready to know more with my popcorn. world background - It's normal human world with werewolf and supernatural setting. Will i recommend this story? Yeah, it's a great story. We have some side villains, a grandfather, father and Greg (Yeah, I like that side charcter.) in here. We also have that shadow man. Keep up great work Author 👍☺️.


The story is quite well written and a good plot line. The spacing is very good. I loved the characters and their dialogues but I feel that adding something about what's going on in the character's mind in some scenarios may make the readers more attached to the characters and also in some places I feel like the story bounced from one part to another a little abruptly. But the rest is great. It was a good read


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